Sealed the Deal

Well just ordered a Nimbus Drak 29. :roll_eyes:

Hope I can stand to even be near it when it arrives… :stuck_out_tongue:

Let the waiting game… BEGIN!

Delayed gratification… That’s the key. Waiting makes the prize even sweeter. You definitely won’t regret getting the Drak. Such a good municycle.
Right now I’m trying to make a centerpull brake work on it… should be fun.
Did you get the stock venture cranks? I think the control of the 165 must be nice. (I went with dual hole 150 125) the 125 are nice for the road.

I went with DH KH Moments, 137/165. Seemed kind of like the best of both worlds as I can use 165 for techy/hilly stuff and 137 for some of the better parts of the trail.

I also ordered an Orange KH Freeride for it and asked em to throw it on. :smiley:


That’s all I wanted to say.