Schwinn seatpost for 20"

I still have the original made in Chicago Schwinn 20" unicycle with cottered cranks :astonished: from 1978 that I learned to ride on. When I bought it, the seatpost at full height was too short for me. So I special ordered an optional longer seatpost (about 14" long) that Schwinn offered. I might :thinking: even have the original shorter seatpost somewhere and would love to find it because it would work :sunglasses: for my 10 year old son to learn on. I’ve looked extensively and haven’t found the seatpost. I could also try measuring out and drilling 3 or 4 more holes and cutting off the bottom of the long seatpost that I do have. Or, if I’m very lucky - someone could have a spare Schwinn seatpost available.

I have one! If you pay shipping you can have it. I am in NC

Yay! That’s awesome :slight_smile: PM sent.

It’s perfect!

My son tried it this afternoon, at the 2nd from the lowest hole. It was manageable, but still tall. So, I set it down to the lowest hole, and it’s the perfect height for my son :slight_smile: ! Thank you very much, sir! He practiced for about a 1/2 hour today :D.