Schwinn 20 inch wheelset?

hey, i need a new freestyle wheelset, but i’ve spent so much money on unicycles lately i need to be cheap if i want to be able to afford Unicon and NAUCC. the Schwinn is quite cheap (33$ on UDC). i am quite a hardcore freestyler and my freestyle does take constant uni-spins. That is why i am reluctant to get this. is it any good? how much can it take? i weigh 140lbs by the way if that helps.

You should call UDC to see if it’ll fit your frame first. Schwinns have funky bearings (they use circlips to attach to the frame), and I’m not sure if the ID on the bearings they come with is the same as most unis use.

I bought this wheel (through my LBS) back probably 6 or 7 years ago for around $50 with cranks, and put it on an old old old Schwinn frame. It was a 24" and was used for inelegant muni learning by myself and probably 5 others subsequently, many of whom were in the 200+ lb. range. We were just riding, with maybe a few little hops and curb-sized drops here and there, but so far as I know, the uni is still going strong.

So it’s probably going to be plenty durable for you. The con is that it has a single-walled steel rim (or at least mine did), so it’s a bit of a tank. If you’re doing stuff that would benefit from light weight, this may not be what you want. But if you’re more looking for reliable, it could be the right choice.