Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro 29 x 2.25"

I had the first ride today with my new tyre, Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro which have 402 spikes in it. I rode 33 km on mainly hard packed snow and ice, but also asphalt and a frozen lake. I had amazing grip, much better than my old Nokian Extreme (294 spikes). I noticed the difference especially in sharp turns and climbs. It was also good on bare asphalt, no self steering.

The real test is how it performs over time. I lost one of the spikes, hopefully won’t loose to many. I will know in a few months how good it really is.

The spikes are replaceable according to this FAQ:

Great! Thanks for the info GrandNagus. :slight_smile:

That looks really good. Might have to get me one!

I run a set of 26" Ice Spiker pros on my bike and they are phenomenal on ice. They are however very pricey (aprox $230.00 canadian / tire)

As mentioned, the studs can be replaced provided that the tire lug is not damaged.

I’m on my 4th season with this set of tires and there is some noticable cracking on various locations of both the side wall and grip surface however the studs pretty much look like new. (There would be slightly better than 2000 miles on this set)

Just curious Unimyra, What is your aproximate weight & what tire pressure are you running with this set up?


Go big or go home:

Only 1275gm with studs, pretty lightweight for a 4" tire!

Yet another reason to own an Oregon :slight_smile:

“At a mere 1275g, the Dillinger virtually launches you over the steepest and iciest climbs.”
“Mere”?! Um, not. A waaay lighter 2.25" tire that fits in my current frame sounds a lot more attractive.

But at ~$115, it’s not happening for me this year (I’ve got a pile of new parts to assemble this evening already).

I am about 85 kg, and tyre pressure was just below 40 psi. The tyre is expensive but I want the best tyre available on snow/ice. The winter is long so it’s worth the money. I’ve had a few more shorter rides, and I am still very happy with it. :slight_smile:

For Norway I think it’s a no-brainer. The cost is an issue for me because I’d only use the tire for 2 months.

you know what, there are big parts of the trails that I ride on that are solid chalk which are mega slippery in the wet, I bet those tyres would be awesome on that!