schwalbe crazy bob 24" tire

Does anybody have any experience with the schwalbe crazy bob tire in the 24 (or 26 just want to know how it handles) inch size. It seems like it would be a great alternative to the 24 " hookworm since it is no longer in production. Or even recommend a similar fat road cruiser tire.


I haven’t ridden the Crazy Bob, but I don’t like the separate squares in the tread; they tend to make a tire squirrely. The Schwalbe Big Apple is the reference cruiser tire

Yeah I’ve seen alot of big apples on uni’s. I appreciate the feed back its just the fact that the crazy bob comes in 2.35 where the B.A. is only 2.15 in the 24" version. I am riding a k Rad (24x2.30) and I don’t care too much for its crown shape. B.A. & C.B. seem to be more of a true “balloon” shape. I’m still kinda new to unicycling and this site so can you please explain what a “squirrely” tire would do?

Thanx again

You may or may not notice it, but the tire can squirm a little when there’s any sideways pressure on the knobs, which is most of the time. You want the tire to feel solid.

It seems like I’ve been preaching this tire lately but I really liked this tire for road use when I was riding my 24 on greenways:

This was back when I didn’t have much experience with any tire, but I moved from an old 24x1.75 whitewall to this tire and I loved it. It felt a lot faster and it’s got rounded tread covering the entire tire. Plus it’s really cheap. In fact I was thinking about putting one on my wife’s KH. Anyone know if the 47mm KH rim is too wide for this tire (24x2.3)?

CST Cyclops 2.4 is probably the closest thing you can find to a 24" Hookworm. I have this tire on my Nimbus II and I’ve been happy with it as an urban cruising tire. I can’t speak to its performance for off-road or hopping.

Maxxis Holy Roller is available in 2.4 x 24, it has an inverted knob tread. I looked at this tire when I was shopping around but don’t have any experience with it. The tread design is supposed to be good if you mix more dirt riding in with street riding. There are some other threads about this tire already.


I’ve seen a Schwalbee Crazy Bob on a bike, 24", it’s about the same size of a Hookworm even though it’s listed as 2.35. I have never tried it though. If I ever need to change my Hookworm, it’ll be my first choice unless someone finds another 24x2.5 tire with thick sidewalls.

I found 24x2.5 hookworms at one and it showed up only 3 days after ordering it.Wow is that ever a great tire!

I found 24x2.5 hookworms at one and it showed up only 3 days after ordering it.Wow is that ever a great tire!