Schwalbe Big Apple Tire for 700cc rim

I read in one of these threads about putting a Schwalbe Big Apple Tire on a 700cc rim. Where can you purchase these? I’m thinking about buying the Yuni 29-inch Touring for $245.00 or Semcycle XL for $200 on and am wondering if the Big Apple would fit in the frame. I don’t see these tires in the Online Catalog. Thanks for your help.

Re: Schwalbe Big Apple Tire for 700cc rim

UNICYCLE.COM just began carrying the Big Apple Tires–at my prompting, and the tire DOES fit on the Yuni, which (I believe)give a bit more room than the Sem frame.

Word is the Big Apple has less rolling resistance than other 29" tires. All I know is that it give great ride!

My 700c Sem Deluxe (the Schwinn-style two-piece fork deal) has a generous amount of clearance, and I think the Big Apple would probably fit, so I’ve been trying to get ahold of one for ages; none of the shop guys around here seem even to have heard of it however. BillyTheMountain’s post got my hopes up, but I see that so far is only carrying the 26-inch size. If Maxxis would make their Hookworm in 700c, I would be after that one too.

I’m riding a Nanoraptor at the moment, which is pretty nice, but I’d like something a bit smoother. The Nano’s tread also has a line of narrow knobs that form something close to a center ridge, which I think tends to make tracking a straight line a bit more of an effort, at least for me.

If you can’t get hold of one, let me know and I’ll get you one. I have to do a Big Apple order soon anyway. Just PM me.

Ask them if they can get any Schwalbe tyres. If they can then ask to see the catalog they order from at the bike shop. It should have a “Big apple 622x60” or something like that listed.

You can phone up the distributors to find out where to get things. Often distributors have a sort of on the quiet mail order thing too, so you can order stuff from them. Contact details are in the site below


I have a 700C rim & a promise of Big Apple tyre from… BUT Roger says the current 28" Nimbus frames will only fit this tyre if a packing is used above the bearing to make the frame a few millimeters bigger… I am a bit dissapointed as I have had the wheel for several weeks but have been unable to use it… I think I will get the Nimbus frame anyway & try to pack it up a bit unless somthing else crops up… I have heard that some of the Nimbus frames were slightly larger due to manufacturing tollerences or something.


Re: Schwalbe Big Apple Tire for 700cc rim

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004 10:15:32 -0500, “mike.hinson” wrote:

>BUT Roger says the current 28" Nimbus frames will only fit this tyre if
>a packing is used above the bearing to make the frame a few millimeters

Of course Roger is right. You probably know that the Nimbus II frame
(the one with the square crown) fits the Big Apple fine?

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Clearly a system of 1/14 and 1/16 is not decimal - Mikefule on the English weight system has 29" Big Apple

They definitely have the 29". That’s what I got from them. In the USA.

You may have to call them. I ordered a 29" Yuni with a Big Apple.
It was not on Unicycle.Com. so I called them and they hooked me up.

You want a nimbus II frame. Don’t worry about it hitting your knees, it doesn’t do that once you’re used to it.


I went with a Nimbus I (with the rounded top) in the end. I needed to file a bit off the bottom of the seat tube to get it to clear the tyre, but it is fine & I have been riding it for the first time today.