Schlumpf Shifter Caps

Lost one. :(Now I can only shift one way.

Will pay $$!!

Or any ideas how to make one.

Hmm, I don’t think there will be anybody with too many shifter buttons out there. You’ll have to order them from Schlumpf, I guess. Do they fall off easily? Or did you not tighten it enough then? Because maybe I should get spares now just in case, so I’ll have them handy when I need them.

It would definitely be a good thing to add those spare parts for the Schlumpf to all the udc stores, so people can get them more quickly.

I have a couple that aren’t in use at the moment… however, due to the fact that I’ve lost about 4 so far, I’m not prepared to part with them. As Munirocks says, buying direct from Schlumpf is the best way. I’ve ordered a few bits from Florian before and they have always arrived quite fast, so even though Hawaii is further than England, I don’t think you’ll have to wait too long.


:smiley: so I’m not the only one.

I emailed Schlumpf. Thanks

I’m not sure how to deal with the transaction, we being so far apart. But I will find a way.

did you know that shifter buttons come in different thread sizes??

I do now. I got the wrong size shipped all the way from england.:(:frowning:

I’ll return them and try again.

Yeah, there’s the iddy biddy thread used on the original Schlumpf (road) hub, and the bigger beefier one used on the KH/Schlumpf (muni) hub.

I didn’t expect they would be shipped from England though. Do you know where from exactly, as that would probably save me getting them from Switzerland next time.


:o:o my bad, They really came from the Alps.
They are on the uni now. I even figured out the baby screw adjustments inside the buttons.
And I used thread lock!