Schlumpf learning journal

New Tyre - Test Ride

So a very short update on progress (or going backwards, kind of!…)

I have made some updates the the G26er.

Namely a Maxxis Minion DHF 26x2.5 which happily fits the older narrower KH26 frame - and a KH T bar set up (along with maggies)

Now the Minion rides so much more like I expect my unicycles to ride in 1:1 over the Hookworm - which is great…. But in 1:1.5 gear it feels totally like I’m back at the beginning of learning to Schlumpf.

Could a tyre feel fine in 1:1, but markedly different/harder to ride in 1:1.5?

Doesn’t seem really logical like it would, but I guess the pressures applied are “different” and the balance envelope may then change.

I was riding late and it was a bit dark so I’m going to put this backwards step in progress down to lower energy and the dusk gloom making my road awareness less assured and ‘in control’ feel. And maybe just having the T-bar there threw me off a tad?- I know it did when I first added one my to 36er… :thinking:

Wish me luck for my proper trip and practice session tomorrow - and hopefully I’ll report back the Minion is working in both high and low gears like a champ :crossed_fingers:

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