Schlumpf Hub for Sale

I have a Schlumpf hub for sale, around 300 miles in total on it - Needs one of the buttons replacing (£17 on UDC) after a clumsy fall bent the thing! Besides this all is in perfect order.

It’s great, but I live in London so I don’t really have the opportunity to use it…

I can put up some photos, but its in essentially immaculate visual condition so I’ll put this up for now.

I don’t really like haggling so I’m going to just start at my lowest offer so £800 for this.

Would you be willing to do a part-exchange? I have some unicycles I don’t ride anymore that you may be interested in.

EDIT: could you please PM me too - some of the emails from Unicyclist have been getting caught in my spam filter.

is just the button bent or the shift rod that the button threads onto? Not sure how the button alone could bend since it’s rounded and doesn’t stick out far enough (usually) to get bent. But if the shift rod is bent that is more serious matter.

uk lingo

I have found that words from the UK may have a different meaning …like bent may mean dented or scratched. when it fell over it probably got a little metal dented or scratched or dinged or bent inward…on the button or tallydodger.

Will you ship to the US, and if so, how much to Los Angeles area? Oh, and could you tell me the serial number, and is it a MUni hub, meaning ISIS axle?

may also be interested in this… will you have it at BJC?

unless its already been sold.

I’ll check the serial number shortly, but it’s the Muni model

The shaft of the button is bent, the shift rod has no problems at all. It was protruding slightly more than it should have been (I think it was not correctly tightened before a pretty intense ride!)

I can send to US if you’d be happy to pay postage - but I’d need to find out how much this is and get back to you

Dave - I won’t be at BJC but I’d be more than happy to have the guys from oddballs bring it up with them if you would like? I see you’re from Cambridge - I’m in London and wouldn’t mind dropping it off if you’d rather.

I don’t check here nearly often enough so if you’re interested give me a text.

07506 11 6789

Here it is!

Sorry probably not the place to put these but do have to ask them somewhere

How much modification would a nimbus steel frame with a d’brake need to fit the hub? (im planning a triton frame but that would come later)

How easy is it to set up with a disc if you have a torque wrench and what needs to be done?

And finally, is it worth risking buying a hub and then a disc compatible hub comes out in the summer?

gonna have to pass for the moment… sorry :frowning:

Might be interested for a 26 wheelset to go in my kh36 frame. Can’t fit the big wheel in the car with a baby car seat!

I have visions of building a carrier for a small drybag that fills the gap above the wheel. Should be able to incorporate the vestigial maggie mounts and it would keep the CofG over the hub… but I digress.

Just bumping this back up - I stopped trying to sell for a little while. The defective shift button has now been replaced. As a result this is now 100% fully functioning as new if anyone is interested.

This is still for sale

email sent