Schlumpf Geared Unicycle Hubs (2022): De-boxing


I didn’t notice I was drooling…

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Thanks for watching!

I do know what you mean. It was very hard to keep a neutral face in the non talking part.

I was actually being knocked off my seat every time I looked at a new detail or part of the box.

Off today to drop the hubs to RyanBuildWheels in Bristol for the building stage.

A video methinks is needed too to conclude the process….

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Congrats on your new treasure! I didn’t know it’s even legal to own so many Schlumpfs :wink:
And so many unicycles.
And that classy nightrider.
And wait is that a flansberrium frame?
Oh geez I’m jealous…


YES, a top-quality video!

Now I’m wanting to see the “2022 Schlumpf build” video (or should that be 2023?), and the “2022 Schlumpf ride comparison - g24 versus g29” video.

I have a few little questions that can soon be answered, given that the hub is now a tangible reality at last:

  1. Is the smaller disc rotor actually 180mm edge to edge? - I reckon yes, but just asking, because even now the Schlumpf web site order form seems to allow a choice between 160mm, 203mm and (a weird size) 190mm, although another part of the page does actually mention 180mm.

  2. It is promising that there seem to be appropriate machining to ensure a perfect fit of the brake rotor and spokes to the hub, but it would be nice- to confirm that in the build.

  3. When the wheel is put onto the frame with standard existing brake caliper, it would be nice to know whether it lined up perfectly or needed a bit of fiddling.

  4. Are the gold and silver shift buttons exactly the same (including the thread), except for the finished color?

  5. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that the hub ISIS spline fitting did not allow for a spacer. I would love to know what your chosen cranks were, and how easily and securely they fitted on.

  6. Although your dwg logo was not used for the laser inscription, did you get your name or something on the hub as delivered?

And thanks again for the video.

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This is an area I confess to feeling awkward about.

As in those people (you know the kind) who like to “flex” or boast about their possessions.

Not saying I don’t enjoy the “owning” aspect of new gear/unicycle a bit, but I’ve had a lurking feeling/worry/embarrassment in the back of my mind when talking about or sharing info on my hubs, that it could come across as Mr Profligate, Mr Throwing Money Around.

And that’s definitely not my aim. Really. It isn’t. I hope the energy in my posts and videos is clearly focused more on being a major fan of Schlumpfs and more about my enthusiasm than any type of brag-Felix.

So the point about feeling jealous- I kind of want to apologise as that impact to you, isn’t where I want this all to go, make someone feel. Again. Really. It isn’t.

I am just currently passionate and financially able to get this (illegal) number of hubs - for context(justification):

  • we have no car
  • we don’t go on expensive holidays, any holidays
  • our wedding a few years back cost £200 :joy: - yep that’s my (and Terez’s) genuine style and we’re happy about it :100:

We do spend ££ on bikes and clearly I am on unicycles.


Well thanks to picking up unicycling back in 2012 it helps me recover and get out of a dark stage in my life (depression), and now it helps me lose weight, stay fit and manage my blood sugars as a Type 1 diabetic.

Sorry. Get this could easily be too much info, too personal but I feel glad to be able to put this elephant in the room to bed, as it were.

Hope this makes sense and the intent with which it was written carries across the interwebs :pray:


It is 180 and 203, also 203.

I did previous highlight to Florian that 190 doesn’t exist and he agreed but it was never removed / changed on website.

My belief here is that there is no actual 190 rotors being made.

  1. Agreed. I hope to know the answer to this in 7-10 days time when wheels built. I am trying not to worry about this and aiming to cross the bridge where certain brake callipers don’t work etc.

I have already got Hope Tech3 E4s so I would really hope the spoke angles and spacing works out. I also need the manual from Florian to feel safe in setting up the rotor etc.

  1. As with the above I agree. It would be nice to reassure everyone on this area. I don’t have the hubs with me any more to test unbuilt in a frame, but I think it is better to wait for the actual build and then put on rotors properly and just work to make it work.

  2. Yes they are. I’m certain about this. But I’ve not physically tried it out. I can later if you like :+1:

  3. That’s got me thinking - it may be something that isn’t in the ISIS spec but is the done thing in the unicycle world. Whatever the case - having these stops/spacers is a great thing for the way cranks safely mount up on these hubs and now get loose over time. Before they were an option, cranks could get loose and the inward interface get increasingly worn away. I’m going with KH Spirits 127/150/ across the board. They feel the most naturally compatible.

  4. Yes, my surname. Very neat - and it kind of works to project the ownership angle of the hubs.

My G36er hub should get a DWG file put on it so I’ll be curious to see how that reads / looks. It will have more space on the 125mm sizing which could make it a better option. 100mm hubs feel a bit limited in drawing space.

Thanks so much for watching and commenting and I really hope I can make further videos that help others with pending build choices :grinning:


I should clarify that I’m jealous in a good way, and I really admire your enthusiasm. I find it reflective to myself too, although I only started unicycling from the last year, I’ve already spent a whole lot of money on buying gears: I’m counting 5.5 unicycles purchased within half a year, where the 0.5 being a schlumpf-loaded carbon wheel! For them I’ve used up my biennial guitar fund so I’m not gonna be having a NGD for a while :wink:

All I’m feeling is, unicycling is a bizarrely addictive thing.


ISIS is designed with a stop. On some bicycle bottom brackets this was part of the assembly which could not be removed or modified, and cranks were designed to go along with the BBs. This causes issues as you cannot adjust the stop to account for variations in different cranks, or interface wear (which is very much a thing with ISIS, especially if you ever remove and reinstall the cranks).

On some bicycle BBs there’s a removable spacer which can be changed, and for unicycles you can buy a range of different sized spacers to support varying interface wear and crank and hub combinations.

The older Schlumpf hubs had no stop and did not support any spacers.

The new hubs (since 2016) are designed to have a stop, and are supplied with spacers. I’d be inclined to only add thin spacers in addition to this stop though if required, and buy new cranks if you’re thinking you need to modify or replace the stock spacers.