Schlumpf Geared Uni.

I still haven’t purchased one but I think I’m going to shortly. My problem is I’m wondering if I purchase one am I going to paying out the nose for an item that will be udpdated the next production run (ie. wider splined hub). Or will Schlumpf not have another production run and these will become sought after collector items. What do you think?

I think you may be caught in a bit of a catch-22. The only way Florin would think about making another run is if he is able to sell an adequate number of the first run. I’m not sure about how many orders he’s had so far.

So, it seems that if you do buy, there is a greater chance that there will be another run. If you don’t buy, there’s less of a chance of a second run. :smiley:

Buy one. You’ll be supporting him and helping him make the uni more widely available. Also, you’ll be one of the first people to have one…just think, you’ll be a big hit with all your friends.

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On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 10:30:19 -0600, “daino149” wrote:

>I’m not sure about how many orders
>he’s had so far.

When Florian was in Seattle, he allegedly said he had some 30 orders.

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That’s what he told me.

He also told me that the price will likely not go down in future production runs if they continue to be made in batches of 100. He was very interested in getting lots of feedback so that improvements could be made in the future.

However, having said that, you need to look at it on whether the current product suits your needs. If you wait, then it’ll probably be a while before a new version comes out with all the development time involved in redesigning it. The market for it is also unknown at this time and he may have other priorities such as producing his bike hubs which has a larger established market.

I think you should just by one sence you want one, support him. Then if he does change to a spined model sell yours get a new one, I’m sure someone would go for a used one, if not well you won’t one right???

Florian’s e-mail

Does anyone have the e-mail for Schlumpf? I ordered one yesterday but need to send in some info via e-mail, and he hasn’t contacted me yet, so I don’t have his. I was unable to get his e-ddress off the site.

Thanks! – David Stone

I think your best bet would be e-mail his company. This e-mail address is

Several of us in Seattle are considering buying it. Florian said today via email that Calhoun Cycles in Minneapolis will be the US dealer for his products (bike as well as uni hubs). Their web site is:
He will ship a load of unis to Calhoun in mid to late March, so the individual buyers won’t have to pay import duties. Florian says you can order direct on his web site, then contact Calhoun to make arrangements for final domestic shipping.

This just found on the Schlumpf web site:

“We offer the hub with fork only, if you want to make your own choice of rim, seat post, saddle, spokes, tyre.”

Sounds like this will also reduce the shipping over a full uni, as well as the price. BUT, Florian doesn’t yet have a price on the site for just the frame & hub.

Listed as 1400 CHF ($1220 USD), including shipping.

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On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 22:14:08 -0500, “unisk8r” wrote:

>“We offer the hub with fork only, if you want to make your own choice of
>rim, seat post, saddle, spokes, tyre.”

Ha! I was just going to post that as I noticed it myself this morning.
Note that the price difference is quite small: $130 for rim, Big Apple
tyre, tube, spokes, wheel build, seat post and KH seat.

As Gilby said, shipping is included. So as a European customer, I pay
for part of your shipping cost., take note. :slight_smile:

Has anyone received their Schlumpf unicycle yet? My 28" should be in
the second batch, to ship by mid May.

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Does second batch mean the first 100 have sold? The hub, frame
crank option does not seem like such a bargain to me. I am wondering if he is going to incorporate any of the feedback in future runs, ex. wider flange to flange.

I heard from Florian that there are two considerations regarding the tire. A Big Apple tire is wider and requires a different fork; more importantly, there is a delay in getting the tires (he’s not sure, but he estimated it could be 6 weeks give or take). A Schwalbe tire will fit the current fork AND is available now. I told him to go ahead with the Schwalbe so that I could get mine right away. Another NYUC member who has ordered one decided to wait for the Big Apple tire.

Florian wrote:
the Schwalbe Marathon rides fine! It’s just not that fashioned accessory,
that many unicyclists in these days want. The Big Apple doesn’t fit the current fork (the fork isn’t long enough for this fat tyre). Indeed, if you would like to change later, we’ll sell the “Big Apple”-fork for just CHF 100.-

And to follow up with an earlier discussion point, I did in fact choose not to wait for the 2nd production run in large part because I thought it would be cool to have one of the first ever gunis manufactured. I also liked the idea that it was helping Florian and therefore helping all of Unicycling. No joke.

This is a good point and a good choice. I wish you could have been at one of the test rides in the US. You would then know for sure what an incredible piece of machinery you’re getting. I hope you get serial number one.

And you have already helped all of unicycling in more than one way. The most important is to run a club. It’s hard, thankless work and it’s good to know that people like you, Tommy, Bruce, Brian, Andy, Connie, Alan, Steve, and so many others do.

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On Sat, 16 Apr 2005 08:13:13 -0500, “David_Stone” wrote:

>A Schwalbe tire will fit
>the current fork AND is available now.

Calling it just “Schwalbe” is not really distinctive. It’s the
Schwalbe Marathon that’s available now. The Big Apple tyres are also
made by Schwalbe.

Oxfordrider, I don’t think the first 100 have been sold. Oh well, what
do I know. But I think that the reason that a second batch is in
production is that the first batch of frames weren’t high enough to
accommodate the 29" Big Apple.

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You can buy one on Friday at BUC. We have 2 arriving one in black and one in silver. They are currently supplied with a frame what will only fit the marathon in it, but we will exchange the frames and tyres to the Big Apple when the frames become available in about 2 weeks time.

A warning for anyone buying directly form Schlumf in the EEC. Remember that Switzerland is outside the EEC so you will have to pay import duty and VAT if you buy directly.


I just noticed that the picture on the Schlumpf unicycle site is me. :slight_smile: It’s from his visit to Seattle. I’m demonstrating some flawless seat out front riding in the geared up mode. Woot! I’m a unicycle product model now.

My mate Pete who doesn’t post on here got the black one Roger mentioned at BUC…And crikey! It’s amazing. it is the most beautiful uni I’ve ever seen/ridden. The gear shifting system is pretty easy to get used to and it weighs nothing. The versatility of it is the best bit. You can be zooming along approaching some traffic lights, so you knock it down a gear, idle at the lights then shift it up again and try nd race the cars from the lights…he he. The only bad thing I can say about it is it’s slightly twitchy at high speed but I think that it’ll handle much better once it’s got shorter cranks and a fatter tyre. It just needs a little more weight on the outside of the wheel. There’s a pic of the proud father onthe schlumpf site:

I’m definitely going to be saving for one having been riding pete’s. It really is a wondrous thing.


That’s not the father, it’s John Childs.

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