Schlumpf 2022 Hub Order Poll ⚙️📊

Hub Pitch - Vote
  • 100mm, 36h
  • 100mm, 32h
  • 125mm, 36h
  • 125mm, 32h

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Hub Brake - Vote
  • No Disc
  • Disc
  • Disc - Freewheeling Low
  • Disc - Freewheeling High

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Wheel Size - Vote
  • 24”
  • 26”
  • 27.5”
  • 29”
  • 32”
  • 36”

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Hub Quantity - Vote
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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Frame - Vote
  • Nimbus
  • Mad4One
  • Flansberrium
  • KH
  • QU-AX
  • Other

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It would probably look better as a pie chart but I’ve edited the markdown however it’s not changed its view… oh well. I guess the bars give some indication…

That would even be better with 4 polls instead of a single one:

  • wheel size;
  • bearing pitch/hole count;
  • disc/freewheel;
  • quantity.
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Good shout. I’ll do this a bit later when I can figure out the name parameter for this poll feature.


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I’ve updated this now and I think it works better.

Does mean anyone who voted before would have to do so again


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For the hub part is this meant to be a “what would you want to buy”, or a “this is what I have provisionally pre-ordered”?

I likely can’t stretch to one in 2022, but I’ve currently added my preference of what I’d like to be available to purchase in the future.

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I really don’t feel this poll has a super strict purpose. For merely general awareness of the diverse range of options people might buy / will buy - and to see what trends there are.

I do plan on getting one, I’d equally vote on what I’d like to be able to get as and when I can.

With so many options this time it is fun to see what gets votes for.

If I was Prime-Minster King-Man for the day, my first decree would be Schlumpf hubs for all (who ride one wheel) :joy::gear:

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Thank you for creating this poll, Felix! It was fun to discuss/debate with my son and fill out, as well as seeing the results.


Thanks :pray: I’m pleased to hear it’s been fun/useful.

If I could do it all over again I’d make it clear when people multiple vote :ballot_box: But it gives some rough idea of popularity.

What have you decided on with your son? You both getting one or one to share :wink:

Nice idea this poll! Someone should send this thread to Florian to give him an idea of what people would like for 2022!

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Could someone explain to me the freewheel option for the 2022 schlumpf hub?

From what I’ve read, the schlumpf has two options that are switched by pressing the center shaft left or right with your heel.
I can see how that would get me the 1:1 or 1:1.5 options previously offered.
Does the freewheel option mean shifting between 1:1 and coasting?

As I understand it - and I could be wrong. You get to choose whether your hub freewheels in either high 1:1.5 ratio or low 1:1 gear. Meaning that of those two, one wouldn’t freewheel and the other would.

Obvious I guess. And then the question comes. Why the choice?

Say you tend to ride 90% in high gear, it might be useful for those riders to have a 1:1 gear that also coasts when they aren’t driving any force through the cranks.

High Gear freewheeling to me seems like mega scary but there will be some out there that end up swearing by it.

Funny thing is for ages previous Schlumpf hub issues have always been about unexpected / faulty freewheeling but now it’s a feature you can add to either side of the “drive train”.

It’s going to be interesting to see what new riding styles this all brings.

I’m sticking to no freewheeling for my hub :gear:


His choices and my choices differ in some key areas. It was fun to debate with him, and realize how our age, riding styles, goals, and comfort with UPDs affects things.

He is an athletic college student, with no fear (and seemingly no limitations) with regard to unicycles. I, on the other hand, have titanium in my neck and have nothing left to prove other than my delight in riding a unicycle, which I learned to do after the surgeries.

We both chose 100mm/36hole hubs with disc brakes. That is where the similarities end.

He chose a 36” wheel, Flansberrium frame (he really liked the option of a Flansberrium frame in the poll) and a High-gear Freewheel hub.

I chose a 32” wheel, Nimbus Oracle frame, and a Low-gear freewheel hub. That last freewheel option is the one I go back and forth about. But, I figure a 32” Nimbus Oracle will come with a fixed 1:1 hub. I might as well add the freewheel option to the shlumpf hub, and practice brake control. I’m not confident enough to have the freewheel option in high gear, nor on a 36” wheel.

However, my son’s goal is to complete 100 miles in the quickest way possible, so he chose a 36” wheel with freewheel in high gear so he can coast the downward slopes. The thought scares me to death, but excites him.

I remember the days when it seemed like I bounced also. :wink:


If he wants to coast the downward slopes, he doesn’t need to have freewheel on the high speed.

Personally, I think the schlumpf hub with the freewheel in 1:1 gear looks reaaaaaaaally fun, but I think I’ll get one without freewheel… unless I get a 2nd one with a 1:1 freewheel… :sweat_smile:

I’ve been thinking about the interest of such a hub for a while, a French engineer has started a project of a 2 speed hub with a 1:1 freewheel and a 2:1 fixed gear (with bevel gears) and hand shifting.


It’s all very intriguing I must say.

I presume that any free wheeling option means the cranks backpedal resistance is zero / gone?

I’m sure one day my skill could be such that the absence of this would be fine. But currently it’s the only thing that keeps me feeling secure riding, especially in high gear.

If a free wheel option could exists where it only free wheels when there’s no driving force in the cranks - but as soon as pressure is applied (forward or backward) the wheel is in drive mode again I could see the fun.

I’m already on the two-hubs musing here :grinning: - but for any freewheeling option to be added, I’d need to be a Schlumpf pro first.


In the freewheeling gear, yes.

As a freewheeler, I’d stick to the totally fixed Schlumpf. I don’t think freewheeling really needs two gears.


As a wannabe freewheeler and ‘Schlumpfer’ this is the sort of guidance that is really very valuable from someone experienced :slight_smile: I really, really, want one of these hubs but there are just so many paths for that chunk of money to run… so we’ll have to see :frowning: … Qu-ax freewheel, M4O freewheel, Schlulmpf??? Jessh! Exciting times.

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I’m on the same page as @mindbalance, and am about to switch gears a little (no pun intended). While I still like the thought of a Low-Gear freewheel hub for a 32”, I have never:

  1. Ridden a 32”
  2. Ridden a free-wheel unicycle
  3. Ridden a Shlumpf-geared unicycle

But I do have a unicycle that is like riding a tank. It seems like it can roll up and over anything, with the limiting factor being me. It is my Koxx 24” Track Monster with 165mm cranks.

I have never thought, “I wish I could coast on this unicycle.” But, I have thought that it would be great to have the torque of the 165mm cranks for ups and downs, and then be able to have more speed in the flat areas.

So, I have added a second option for myself, which may actually end up being the option at the top of my list. That is, build a second wheel for the Track Monster with a non-free-wheel Shlumpf hub. I’m not sure whether I would need a brake on this one or not. But, I’d rather have the brake and not need it, than wish for the brake and not have it.

Edit… Wait, just a second. This frame does not have the option for a brake, and I’m not sure if a UDC D’Brake adapter will work with this frame and/or the new Shlumpf hub. If not, that makes the decision process easier for this uni.

Feel free to disagree with any of my reasoning - I’m not afraid of changing my mind.

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My tuppence worth as a beginner at Schlumpf riding, is mainly that my initial fear of riding in high gear would have been (I think) magnified by a larger wheel than my G26.

Learning on a smaller wheel for me was lucky as I can now envisage riding a 29”/36” GUni.

But I’ve been saying during my learning - and on my off-days where confidence evaporates, that riding a GUni is a good 10x harder than a fixed unicycle.

Many will probably say this isn’t factually accurate and I’m sure on my good days I’ve found it kind of instinctive and “easy-ish” - but the fear of high gear is for me still real, but also why I like the experience. And why I am aiming for two hubs. Probably 24” and 29” - but not totally sure. 24” for when I don’t feel ready to be high up and in high gear, 29” for when I am in the zone and need to feel more rolling cadence than my 26” gives.

I’ve not even managed to ride my G36 but I know I will. It is worth facing the fear and pushing through. I never thought I’d feel confident in high on the 26” or shift without many UPD. But as with all things unicycling. Practice proves your brain wrong most times - and the body does learn, by engaging gears with the fear and adjusting to it.

All this being said - for learning I would personally have probably given up had I started on anything greater 26”.

Freewheeling still scares me in any unicycle so that’s a challenge for another year, another wheel or never…

But having options is great, and I really wish you all the best with your hub choices and enjoyment of failing, falling and then success @Uni2ONE2 :muscle::pray::gear:

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I think Florian should build a 1:1 fixed and 1:1 freewheel switchable hub to compete with Mad4One :grin: