Schlumpf 2-speed uni hub (FSU model)

$795. Normal retail is about $1200

This is the square taper spindle model, not the Kris Holm model.

This hub is new, barely used, and the warranty is not registered. It is currently built into a 24" wheel, but I can build a wheel to suit.

I own a bicycle shop, and I bought this hub to use as a public interest gimmick for an event I held back in April. Some local uni riders checked it out, but no one bought it. I have an order of Schlumpf bike parts coming in soon, and I’d like to move this uni hub on to help pay for it.

Contact Mike at:
(512) 453-0438 (Texas)

Can the square taper hub be upgraded to the newer Muni hub?

Short simple answer; no.

Just out of interest though, is this the hub with the torque arm, or the newer one with the knurled bearing?



It is the new, knurled kind. I bought this hub in early April. Schlumpf is probably still selling through this hub’s production run.

A couple of other things:
While the hub cannot be changed into a Muni, it can be mounted on a Muni frame using some shims. Also, the frame doesn’t technically mount onto the bearings, which are internal in the hub. The hub actually has two coaxial axles, with the frame clamping to the outer axle and the cranks attaching to the inner, longer axle.

Schlumpf Uni Hub has been sold

Thanks for all of your inquiries



do you know if it fits a torker DX? i have’t taken the arms off yet.

no and it’s sold…

good god, I hope that the purchaser hasn’t done this! a very dangerous recipe for disaster!