say goodbye to "The Wall"

cheechee Wrote:
> Starting off while in contact with The Wall teaches a bad habit which
> will have to be unlearned.Using the wall to mount is great, but try to
> be off the wall and balanced when you peddle.Practice freemounts every
> time you ride so theres no putting it off.Sometimes you’ll pop right up
> on top ,many times you wont.The kids are having a ball watching me learn
> so I got them a 16in. yesterday.
> cheecheeI took my own advice(Ive been trying all day during a 12 hr work shift)
and YES YES YES YES I finally rode the thing across the parking lot
at work today.I did start at the wall but wasnt touching it when i
started. I also nailed some freemount attempts but could not get going
once on top.It is a unique feeling riding atop a uni.I very much felt
like I was on a chariot.Give Me More PLease.