Savage brand unicycle

Hi all…

I went ahead and purchased the “Savage” unicycle yesterday. It rides well, but
here is my assessment…

The frame is essentially the same as the CyclePro that I currently own. It is
slightly narrower, but not very noticably. The fork is joined to the hub by two
hex nuts on either side. It is not drilled through both sides, so they only
stick out on the exterior. The seat post is infinitely variable and has a
quick-release collar!

The cranks are joined to the axle by cotter pins, but they are not sunk as
deeply as the CyclePro. The pedals are light-weight plastic with orange
reflectors. They don’t spin freely, so freemounting is easier (This may change
over time).

The saddle is the same design as the CyclePro, with chrome bumpers on either
side and may be titled about the post by means of a geared nut. The saddle is
well padded and has imitation leather rather than plastic. Very comfortable!

The big problems: o The quick-release handle hits the inside of the rider’s
thigh o The padding shifts slightly and rubs o Cotter pins in the cranks o Pin
based frame-hub joint

The good parts: o Very well padded saddle o Quick-release seat post o Bumpers on
the saddle o Cheap (US$80)

I don’t know how many crossings the spoke arrangement is. What are the choices?
I also am not certain the bearing arrangement in the hub.

Does anyone else have experience with this brand? It seems to be a good
first-unicycle to learn how to ride, but the cotter pins may deteriorate quickly
and render it unridable. I’ll post an update later if there is any interest.

Back on top! Tramm

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