Saturday night LA Ride - With bands! Any takers?

The FMLY ride is back. The very best way to spend a saturday night! The following is from their Website

When: Saturday, March 5, 7:30pm meetup 8pm, ride till done
Where: Media Park, just east of downtown Culver City (The triangle at Culver and and Venice Blvds)

“This Saturday FMLY RIDE makes it’s triumphant return so get out your bike and hit the streets with us. For those of you new to the ride, don’t be afraid. We are super friendly and your beach cruiser and mountain bike are more than welcome. We keep a moderate pace and have people at the back to help you incase you get dropped. We will be riding around all of Saturday night reinventing our urban surroundings through music of all genres, dancing and hanging. This is a totally different way of seeing the city and we can hang out as well! …”

It’s going to be an easy night ride through the streets of Los Angeles, and an INCREDIBLE opportunity to get exposure for our wonderful sport amongst ready converts… “if you like 2 wheels, you’re gonna LOVE one!”

There will ALSO be a number of local bands performing at the stops, including:
Truman Peyote
Blackbird Blackbird
Manhattan Murder Mystery
So Many Wizards
Power Axe

PM me if you want to meet there and we will plan a Unicycle Peleton!

-David Howard

Hmm it sure looks interesting. I live a decent ways away though, and I’m never comfortable navigating the LA area.

That’s too bad Dane. Would have really loved to have ya! One of the best times to navigate LA is when the motorized peeps are sleeping of course :wink:

Check out my OTHER POST for a truly empty streets opportunity in LA!! Hoping to organize and get a number of guys to that event!

Oh yeah Dane, and…

I clicked through on one of your youtube vids the other day, and noticed your interest in music. All the bands on the fmly ride are part of their independent record label. tells you more about what the whole org is about

omg. if it only wasnt this saturday (or next saturday).

I go to UCLA and would love to join you guys on my 29’ if i can keep up!!

I really meant for driving. I’m not comfortable driving in the LA area, which you would find funny if you saw the crazy single lane, cliff drop-off road I drive on every day.

I’d like to go to this, it sounds pretty cool. But I probably won’t be able to. I’m starting classes up next week, and I’ve already got prep-week assignments to do, and a lot of other things I’ve been ignoring (unicycling is just more fun)

Yeah, I think I saw you on the fmly ride facebook page. I’ll be there, and from what I understand it’s a pretty chill pace with 4 bands playing at stops along the route (under 20mi total). I’ll be on a 36’er, but it would be easy on your 29’er too.

See you there if you’re there!

Oh my biggest wheel is a 24 anyways haha

Hey now… 24 miles!

DaveyKim showed from UCLA and pedaled the whole thing on his 29’er! I am absolutely thrilled that he made the whole ride.

FMLY did an amazing job putting this ride on. Hundreds of people, 4 bands, and all done in a flash-mob style in areas of LA that tolerate 45 minutes of loud music pretty well.

Learned from this evening… 36’ers CAN hold their own with roadies, on everything BUT a long downhill (they just about kicked my a_ _ coming down a slight grade for miles. FMLY absolutely puts on the best event/entertainment for a Saturday night. I absolutely LOVE LA at night, and I’m going to do this again.

EPIC doings, started at 8:30pm and ended at about 2am.

ditto to David Howard.
What I have taken from that wonderful night

  1. I will be sore for the rest of this week
  2. I need cycling shorts
  3. If my longest distance previous to that night was 4 miles and I did 24 miles with bikers, anyone can do it.
  4. I need rear safety lights and a path light.
  5. Im more in love with unicycling!!!

a little clip to show a piece of the night