sanding paint off wheel

ive got a new brake on my muni and ive heard loads of people say if you sand the paint of the edge of the rim the braking performance increases dramatically.

does this work? or just a waste of time…

You can also check out here:


It takes forever and I burned up a bunch of Dremel 3M pads.

Seriously, in time it’ll grind off anyhow, I’m not even sure if it makes any difference…

It helps somewhat but the difference is not huge.

It does take some time but the best way that I know of is to jam a sanding block between the rim and frame then spin the wheel with the cranks. Use a few different grits, starting with the coarser stuff until a metal is showing through. Medium until it is almost all gone, and fine to finish. 60, 100, 220 should do the trick.

I sanded down the sides of a rim once, and it wasn’t bad. I used a random orbital sander and 80 grit paper. I was mostly looking to smooth out the pinned seam on the old KH rim, and that was easy going. I went ahead and sanded the rest, but honestly the seam was the most important part.

I don’t think regular anodizing really hurts the braking very much. The hard anodized rims that Mavic and others used to make were terrible for braking, so much that they started machining them. Before those rims came out there weren’t any machined rims.

Good tip! Thanks :slight_smile:

I sanded down my KH 20 rim by hand no problem, took about 20 mins for both sides. I just did it for looks though.