San Fran Uncyclists

I am going to be down in San Fran for the Rage concert on the 18th
So if there is anyone that wants to meet up an ride late on the 18th (Saturday)
Or anytime at all on Sunday the 19th pm me and we could hook up.


I won’t be down there but I’ll bump the thread up a bit…

I live in SF. I’m down for any trials or muni if you’d like. We’re doing one of the best muni trails in the Bay Area on the 18th, but I guess you won’t be there. PM me or something and I’ll shoot you my phone number.

By the Rage concert, I assume you’re referring to Rock the Bells? I’d love to go to that, but it’s pretty expensive… Helluva lot more (and arguably better) acts in that show than Rage Against the Machine, too :-P.