San Diego Bike the Bay (M)uni Meetup Aug 27

Anyone in SoCal and beyond interested in unicycling over the Coronado Bridge?

I think it would be a blast to get some unicycle folks out for a group ride for this. The full loop is 25 miles around the bay, but there’s no way I’m going to do that–you 36" cyclists can tackle that.

I’m taking my 24" Nimbus muni on the bridge ride then taking the ferry back across and doing the optional 8 mile off road gravel loop. It’s an extra charge on top of the event registration, with proceeds benefitting the San Diego Mountain Bike Coalition.

Event details and registration:

Reply to this thread if you’re going/interested in being part of a BtB collection of (m)uni misfits.

I’m interested. Hope to keep my schedule open so I can attend.

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@IvenBach @Dante @Onehunna @slamdance and any other folks (@UniGeezer ?)

The discounted fee deadline to register for SD Bike the Bay is Tuesday, Aug 1, 2023 at 12:00 AM PT, and remember it’s an additional $10 to signup for the gravel loop. If you end up signing up, reply here or send me a DM and we can try to coordinate a meetup.

Ride safe everyone!

I just registered, for the 8am start time.

(the options are 7am or 8am start when you register)

This is such a great idea, thanks for the tag & Invite! I volunteered to help set-up the day before & then I’ll join at 8am the next day to go over the bridge & also ferry back to try out the optional gravel course.

I hope others can join as well, looking forward to meeting & Uni’ng over the bridge with y’all :grin:

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