same trail second ride.

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today i rode the same trails as yesterday but with a bit more success!

So first thing i did today before my ride was get a leather glove for my left hand!

I started off of the parking lot and onto the field which i must cross to get to the trails and some one said “where are you going?” It was my friend kriss (not kriss holm) He donsen’t know much about muni so i kindly explained all of my pads and why i needed them for muni.

Off to the trails.

Coming up to the ATV trails much went the same as yesterday the glove was working out great until, FWAM! i a small root popped up out of no where but the gloves protected my hand quite well.

Same as yesterday i proceeded to the left after navigating the first large… boulder? idk you decide. then came the large puddle which dired up quite a bit since yesterday i decided to ride through it. SPLASH! i UPD’d into the water. I decided to walk to the side of it. turned out the other side of this large puddle got very boring so i turned around and made my way back.

Now taking a right i ride toward the “rigorous” uphill section and ride up halfway with ease. the second half isn’t that easy. i’ll have to take some pics of it when i get the chance. With many tries and many fail i get the first half of the second half (did i lose you?) pretty much mastered it’s the second half of the second half that is hard ( :stuck_out_tongue: )

Back to the large boulder at the begining of the trail. I hoped up it alot faster then yesterday and then ride back down FWAM! SPLASH! i fell on my butt in a puddle on a rock. my unicycles pedal rides down my leg and my head bends back giving me sort of a whiplash feeling. I walked it off.

by now i’m getting tired of all of these UPD’s because of small rocks (i haven’t listed all of the UPD’s). So i call Eddy Kmet (platuea unicycle club) up on the phone. I expected him to be at work so i was going to leave a message but he was home! i asked him if i could borrow his Yuni 24" Muni he said i could and he would bring it by later today, and he also sounded very excited about riding these trails!

so thats pretty much todays Muni ride eddy hasn’t come yet but i’m eagerly waiting!!! umm i think it’s going to rail tomorrow but when i Muni next i’ll take pics of some of the land marks i speak of.

thanks for reading!


Another good writeup Jacob! Good to hear this one went so much better but I can tell you’re really going for it that’s awesome! To help roll over the rocks and stuff better, make sure you don’t have too much psi in your tire, or those rocks are much more likely to throw you! Yeah, take some pics of the trail and post 'em.:slight_smile: