Salt water damaging to unicycles?

Just a quick question guys. Anyone got experiance with droping their uni in sea water? or any simple facts anyone knows about what might happen when a uni is totally submerged in water?

Just thinking about trying some frontflips off of the warf/jettey/whatever you guys call them at a beach near by. Uni will obviously get pretty wet.

I’ll probably just take my foam seat off and go for it. Maybe put on my gripy pedals lol.

Soooooo yeah, get back to me.

Edit: Second thought, I might just use my cruddy 16’’ learner. But i’d prefer to use my KH if the sea water isnt a problem.

If you have to do it make sure you wash it down with fresh water pretty 'anal’y afterwards.

athough i do not recommend putting anything mechanical in saltwater, unicycles, bicycles, motor vehicles, toasters, other peoples nans.

salt rusts and corrodes(and makes chips nice).

Yeah I figured as much. I’ll do it on my $20 learner which is still in its box.

I’ll be taking it out of its box before sed activity of course.

I say just go for it and make sure you get wd40 in every single place on your uni afterwards :wink:

Is being submerged in regular water also bad for a unicycle. I fell in a pond with it one day. Is there anything i should do or will it be ok.

Normal water would be fine I guess. just leave it some place dry.

Thats good. I almost cried when it fell in. I thought it might be damaged. The only sucky thing is that i have a drilled rim so water got all up in my wheel.

hang on… unicycledood where you at uninats? i just recognized the frame in your picture.

Nah man. Thats a old pic anyway. The frame broke waaay before uninats.

if you seal the KH in a water tight bag then put it in salt water it would be fine. Btw, what are you going to do if the uni sinks?

You should put some type of float around it. When my friends and I jumped things into the canal we learned this fact. You pobably can hold it but that one time dropping it is gonna suck. We had to use 2 people to get the bike we were using out.

won’t a uni usually float?

yeah, unicycles float. I have many a time of experience with them floating.

Chris, get it on film. Lol. Its really fun to do random stuff into water on a uni. Until the bag you think is water tight, ends up having holes, and soaks your saddle’s foam. Which that would good, since you end up finding out that your stiffner plate was broken, which then you go to replace it the next day, and end up having to drill out a piece from a saddle so you can swap seat bases. Which leaves your saddle with a hole through the seatbase, which serves no purpose.

good thing i got one of my attempts at doing something on film. The others i had no one to film for me.

good luck chris

edit: bike - sink
unicycle - float.

Water and Flaoting Unis

Regular water will not harm a KH unicycle. Mine gets totally wet on most of my winter rides. Keep in mind that the KH MUnis are aluminum frames and aluminum does not rust the way Iron does. Many metal such as Aluminum get a thin oxide layer that then acts as a barrier to further corosion. The hub is CroMoly and that could rust but it is protected by paint and hopefully grease in the splines.

Salt water on the other hand will corode Iron. Not only will the CroMoly hub rust but it can also get pitted. Take a look at what used to happen to cars in the northern American states from the salt dispensed on the roads during wintertime! Also Aluminum alloyed with nickel is usually safe from saltwater corosion. However the 7005 aluminium used on KH MUnis has Zinc in it and it is therefore open to corrosion from saltwater. At least Yatches will not use Aluminium Zinc alloys.

The MUni will float because there is Air in the tire. The tire itself is a flotation device. There is even a video of Yoggi in Copenhagen where his trials uni falls in a canal and some crew rowers take it out of the water for him. On a 24" muni the tire has more air volume and will therefore float even better.

Better find a freshwater lake to jump into!


No breaks!!

I rode on the beach in Hawaii and got hit by a wave and the salt water caused corrosion around the spoke nipples. I had to completely dissassemble the uni and scrub with soap and fresh water.

While WD40 is great at Water Displacement (hence the WD) it also acts as a solvent, and will degrease your pedals, cranks and/or bearings.

It’s best not to use WD40 unless you intend to remove grease.

hmm i remmember a green stickered KH frame, ahwell.

enjoy your unicycle swim.

Ahhh yes. That makes perfect sense.

basically, i will do a lot to my unicycle … but saltwater, it is just NOT worth it at all.

everything rusts within a few hundred miles of saltwater, why would you want to submerge a chunk of metal in it?

edit: oh and the seat is not anything you need to be worried about, it has closed cell foam.