safety gear

i was wondering what kind of safety gear you people use while donig trials or just practicing

trials: 661 shin/knee pads, helmet,and sometimes gloves

practicing or just riding around: hemet if im trying tricks, nothing if I’m just riding around on my road

661s and KH gloves.

i just wear 661s and gloves but i need a helmet cuase i just got a concussion yesterday

I dont ride with any protection, oddly enough on everything i dont get hurt much, and when my pins hit my shins i beraly get scratched, and i get really really hard, but im still gonna buy some: ankle\shin\knee pads =p

Do You Think Ankle Protection Is Nescisary

not really lol, but i always hear how ppls ankles get cut up, even though mine dont, im just gonna pretty much cover my whole lower leg, mainly when im on sharp rocks, or steep Muni =p

All my protection (helmet, shins, gloves) just make my feel safer and therefore i am more confident. It is so much easier to do something scary, if you know you would get hurt that bad.

Ok my gloves save heaps of blisters. But i hit my shins very rarely and only ever hit my helmet once (i was riding backwards, i rode over a stick and fell flat on my back, smacking my head on the ground).

I wear my shins and helmet just for confidence, but i would never take off my helmet. Wearing a helmet is such a small inconvenience compared to brain damage.


For indoors riding - nothing (although I wore wrist guards & knee pads for confidence when learning)
For distance/other practice - helmet & harbringer gloves.
For Muni or anything I feel is a bit risky - helmet, harbringer gloves & 661 knee/shin pad thingies.


helmet bucause my parents make me but know ive read this thread ithink other wise wise words saam wise words

nothing else reallay ive got callesses on my hand and i dont need gloves

I always wear cycling gloves because it helps a lot if you fall and doesnt get hot after a while. I wear 661’s when I’m going to be doing something where I need the extra protect but usually only in cool weather and right now my helmet doesnt exactly fit so I wear it sometimes but when I get my new one soon I’ll wear it more often.

Cheap-o knee pads for those few times I do actually fall on my knees, weight lifting cutoff gloves to keep soreness to a minimum when hopping and to prevent palm scrapes when I have nasty UPDs, and a biking helmet just 'cause.

661s will replace the cheap-o knee pads in a couple weeks, and after that I’m probably gonna buy some actual cycling gloves.

muni- healmet, 2x4, 4x4, Dualys
trials- socer shin guards

I use sixsixone’s for my legs and wear axo gloves… i dont wear a helmet but might think about getting one soon.

Haha, same with me.