Saddles - design, comfort and mods

Well said! I’d much prefer all the engineering and ingenuity going into finding a comfortable saddle! That’s the real bugger in this sport

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I’m not going to say too much about engineering, aside from that considering the amount of money in the industry (nothing compared to other industries) there’s always been a surprising amount going on.
@rogeratunicycledotcom always seems to have a prototype of something new whenever I talk to him, and Qu-Ax and Mad4One have been no strangers to trying new things.

On saddles, there are many choices now, and quite a lot of engineering and development has gone into them. I’ve personally never found it too much of an issue getting a comfortable saddle, but they’re still better than they used to be.

Over the years we’ve seen improvements in base shape, with now numerous available, and a selection of different saddles to go along with them. There’s now commonly the KH base, the new Impact base, the DDK base, and the Fusion Zero/One with their own specific base design. The air saddle and the Fusion Zero/One are probably where we’ve seen the most obvious development, but even the move from sofa saddles to non-absorbent covers and multi-density foam setups/cutouts made quite a difference.

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Love KH Fusion Freeride, Fusion Street and QX eleven.
Nimbus Gel ok but lacks the central groove.
M4O saddle handle not quite perfect for me either.
Nimbus stadiums are not a good shape for me, would need a lot of shaving to shape but the cover isn’t designed to come off.

Well, I was messing around with a Club saddle and took off the cover to do various things to the foam and base but I didn’t want to staple it back on and not be able to tinker with it so I sewed around the edges to prevent fraying and then poked some holes and reinforced them by sewing little squares around them and tie it all up with a shoe lace.


I’ve been fooling around with a modification to the handle saddle that I call the “toilet seat”. I remove the cover and all the padding and wrap the rear of the handle in 3/4" pipe insulation and then wrap that in gorilla tape. It literally looks like a tiny toilet seat.

So far I’ve found that it supports my sit bones and takes much of the weight off my soft tissues. It’s also very lightweight, very cheap and allows for a firm grip on the rear of the saddle for SIF riding.

That sounds like an interesting idea, i had considered trying something like this on mine. Do you have a picture?

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I’d be interested in seeing a pic also.

I currently have a stadium saddle, it doesn’t do it for me. It needs some shaving on top, the corners dig into my inner thigh. I was thinking of taking off the cover, then sewing on a bit of extension material around the cover so I can make it a removable cover with a drawstring like the older kh freeride used to be in my mind it seems pretty easy, lol.

Do you’all ride with the nose of the saddle up high? (As far as setting up the saddle on the seat post) or low or centered?

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KH saddles used to have piping all around through which a shoelace was threaded and then cinched up (and then often clamped in place with the seatpost).

I imagine you would have had to add quite a bit of material to be able to do that with this saddle though.

I have said this in several other threads and I stand behind it. The nimbus air cover will change your distance riding experience. It will make almost any saddle a lot more comfortable.

Thanks, I had seen the air saddle but didn’t know there was an air saddle cover. Looks to have great reviews, I’ll probably try this. Thanks @Bug72

This is a good idea, making a nimbus stadium cover to be like the old KH saddle cover with drawstring. I have the same “corners on the design being uncomfortable” issue too. As a result, I haven’t been using this saddle which came with my 29er Nimbus muni.

You won’t regret it. You can spend hundreds trying to find the right saddle, this will take alot of guess out and you can switch it between unicycles if you like. I have 2, one I bought from udc the other I bought slightly used on the trading post.