Saddle Sore Shug

Finally… some warmer days of 50ºs here in Minnesota… gotta get the MUni stamina back so with most of the snow gone got out for a spin on the Kris Holm 24" Uni.
Oww Man…had a couple of painful falls. Fell off of a ledge onto some steps and was I glad I had a helmet on. Got a big ol’ strawberry on my hip. Did some hoppin’, droppin and unplanned stoppin’.
Fun for a feller pushing 51 years old.
Plan on riding until I fall and can’t get back up!
Fun ride and a wee saddle sore.
'Peciate you watching.

OMG! Shug man!!! Are you ok that head knocker at :59 looked pretty hard! And was that just a hat and no helmet? :astonished: Please be safe, and keep going strong I enjoyed the video and I also admire your music compositions! That’s sure one way to make sure Youtube won’t mute your video! It’s YOUR music! :smiley:

Yeah Terry … it was a helmet but that fall knocked off my noggin! Hurt my hip more on the stairs though … did not wear my hip pads. Sometimes I forget that I’m not 18 anymore. Haaaa!
I really do appreciate the music props … your right, YT can’t delete it.
you are an inspiration for me to keep riding and filming.
Be well,

Excellent movie, and an excellent song. Looks like you had a good time, eh?

wah, you are Shug of the suspended sleeps!

your uni vids are as good as your hammock vids. Keep it up and come join us over in and JC more often.

Glad you didn’t hurt yourself falling on those stairs, sort of reminded me of the clip of Terry falling into a pond…

Good stuff


Thanks! Fun to be out and rolling along!

Yeah … backpacking and hammocks are the best. MUni is so related … in the woods (usually), physical and after a ride a nice nap in the hammock…

that helmet might have saved your life!!!

Yeah, Shug, don’t let your mother see that!

Cool vid

Liked it alot.
I’m also not a young guy anymore, so I know exactly how that feels/felt.
The really sh*tty thing that I hate is the time it takes to recover… The older you get the longer it takes.
It also looked like you “crashed” your back on that half salto-attempt on the stairs, but didn’t mention it anywhere!
No complains???

I think so! I went and bought a new skate boarder type with more coverage yesterday with my REI dividend $$$$. I look awesome and dorky!

Hey … she bought me my first uni … whatta Mom.

Yeah, I am having avatar envy and trying to get a new one down.
It was a hard bail … yeah!

Naw … feel pretty good in the back. It does take a wee bit longer to bounce back … such is the price of maturity!!! My hip is still a bit sore but I am riding today and going to do some trials tomorrow at the Cotter Barn.

Nice bail, straight back up again :smiley:

cool vid man;)

that looked painful! good job getting right back up!

Pride gets you to your feet fast!


It hurt … wanted to see if I could get up … plus a girl was watching … then she rolled her eyes …