saddle rail bracket adapters for mobility idea ?

Hi all,

I’m looking for an adapter I can use with a dropper post

so I can use a KH type saddle to support me on kneewalker .( I am disabled )

The an idea of my design ( here ) would have the dropper as the extended bit on the right so I can have saddle remotely rise under me ( the saddle would on the right angled section above it ) and my knee on the lower pad support to the left where it usually resides.

The only problem is I cant find a dropper post without rail clamp so any idea on what I could do to get round this would be welcomed.



Hi Segaki,

you will just need a Kris Holm rail adapter (seems still available in the German unicycle shop).

You may be able to find somebody with an old KH (around 2004-2007) that don’t use it after swapping their adjustable seatpost for a regular one (or the more recent version of the adjustable).

I cannot visualize the whole thing you describe, but I hope pics will soon come to help :wink:

Note: the attached pics are from the website.

PM ckayakr; he had one he was throwing in with a saddle he had for sale, and he might be willing to sell it separately if he still has it.

I have one of those. If you decide it would work in your application, PM me with address and I’ll send it to you. (If it doesn’t work, you can send it back.)

Nice to see a unicycle thing put to good use in something else.

Qu-Ax used to make, maybe still does, an air-ride saddle… which was a little misleading because it is a normal foam saddle with a hole in it… anyway due to that it had rails : ) had one, liked it, but the bend was too much for me.

I’m pretty sure they still sell that one, I have one and use it on my G32. You’re right, the curve is a bit too much, but I flattened it out somewhat, and I like it a lot more. It’s also got a more exagerated “tunnel” going from the hole to the front, which I appreciate (and I made it bigger when I had it apart for flattening).

You can’t really use a dropper post on a uni (I can’t). When you drop it down, you can pull up on it, so you wouldn’t be able to hop with a low seat. Let us know if you try it! I thought about it, but that issue is stoping me.