saddle height for trials

I’ve got a torker dx, and i want to get better at trials. Right now i can only hop about 6 inches up. What’s a good height for my seat for trials? now it’s about 40 inches (101cm) from the ground. Should i raise or lower it?

well im no expert :stuck_out_tongue: but your ment to have your leg nearly straight when the pedal is at the bottom but i do it a bit before so thats one idea you could try:p
otherwise just move it up and down till you like it :smiley:

personal preference dude. no one can really truely tell you what seat height is good for you. If your doing Seat In hopping, i would say ride with your seat really low if you do Seat In Front types of hopping, i would ride with it high.

I mean, its all personal preference, Whatever feels good for you.

My preference is low. I ride with about 1 inch or less of post showing. So, my seat is at my knees really. I like it for a lot of reasons; when i do a drop Seat In, i tend to tuck a little, and use the shorter seat for some control and absorbing the drop, i also like it low for doing Seat In Front too, since it works for tucking for me better.

best regards for finding a good seat height.

Definatly put it down. If your hitiing 6" you will be hopping SI, right? I ride with my seat at about 100cm but I am 6’3" and ride SIF. Side hopping SI with your seat that high isnt going to help. I would stick it down 2-3" Try it and see how it goes.

im about 5’11".
And yes, im doing SI, not SIF.
thanks for the advice.

You’ll start to get more comfortable with bending your legs as you jump and pulling the unicycle up for more clearance. The lower your seat, the higher you can pull it before it hits your crotch if you’re doing SI. With SIF, you’re pulling the uni up past your crotch, so in theory you can tuck with your uni more. In which case, a higher seat height may be more comfortable. However, it takes a lot more practice to be stable with SIF hopping. Just have fun and experiment with different settings!

I feel like moving it so it is still above your knees when you stand on the pedals and between your crotch is all good places. Where ever you pick for the placement I suggest you keep it there for a while at a time and not do tons of adjustments. Adjustments throw me off :roll_eyes:

Ive found that low seat heights are better for sif because when you tuck you dont have to bend your arm as much and it makes it feel more comfortable on landing

I’ve just started feeling relatively comfortable doing SIF hops. I am working on two pallets now. My seat is pretty low. I have quite a bend in my knees, which works well for getting the seat out in front because when I stand on the pedals there’s room to get that pesky seat out.

However, I feel a bit uncomfortable when hopping because my back is quite bent when holding on to the side of the saddle. Does this mean I should raise my saddle, or am I just getting old?

For those of you that are pretty good at trials, is it normal to have a pretty bent back when doing SIF hopping? It seems like I expend a bunch of energy just leaning down to get a good grip on the saddle. I’ve looked at videos of the pros, but it’s hard to gauge how their relative seat height compares to mine. I guess maybe I should make a video of myself.

Instead of bending your back to reach your seat, bend your knees. It will make you more stable. It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable with SIF riding and hopping. I have gotten better, but I still need lots of work on tucking while hopping.

I run mine with when i am SIF i have a little bit of bend in my arm.
here is a pic of what i run. i am 6’3-4

The pic didn’t work…try inserting an attachment instead (paperclip sign)


Every person’s body is built differently. What works for me might not work for you. Just experiment!

You’ll find some positions very uncomfortable, and others not so uncomfortable. SI and SIF will require different heights: SI as low as you can tolerate, and SIF as high as you can tolerate.

That being said, you can cause more muscle strain with an incorrectly positioned seat. My back hurt like mad before I raised my seat up higher to ride SIF… I was hunching down to grab the seat. Yours may not… this is why you should experiment.