Saddle for muni/ short distance riding

Hello. Finally I decided to build a new uni out of modern parts, lighter and better than my current handmade uni, and need an advice about saddle options.
On my current setup I have un-curved QU-AX Luxus saddle with modified foam. I made it a bit better, but still pretty uncomfortable. And custom handlebars out of cutted BMX handlebar and some handmade parts. Important notice: I attached it to the frame, and it made the construction pretty stiff. I like how it feels.

New setup I want to be similar handlebar but more comfortable saddle. I have few options:

  1. Get a KH Fusion slim saddle + some custom handlebars that similar to my current setup (I don’t like Kris Holm Universal T-Bar because it connects only to the saddle, no additional binding to the frame)
  2. Get Mad4One Handle Saddle in M size. Looks kinda interesting but I’m not sure how it feels. and what mechanical lever I can put in there? edit: just googled- BMX levers have clamps, that could be opened, like Eclat Sniper lever.
  3. Also Handle Saddle in M or S size and again some custom bars?

My goal is to make a muni for light offroad use and sometimes distance riding , up to 50km a day. Wheel will be wide wide 29", I’m thinking about QU-AX RGB rim and some 2.8-3.0"tire, mechanical brake and 145mm cranks.


Welcome! Interesting handlebar setup - nice to see yet another homemade/custom setup.

Saddle comfort (and handlebar) is a very personal thing. In my opinion you just have to keep trying to experiment with your setup until you find the most optimal setup.

A few random notes. The M40 Handle Saddle “S” is really short. I don’t think that is a good option. Even the M will very likely feel a bit short compared to your current setup.

You forgot option 4. :slight_smile: (and probably a few more). What about a flat saddle like the KH Fusion One with a reinforcement plate and a custom handlebar?

Also why a mechanical brake setup. Even an entry level (40€?) hydraulic disc brake will likely give increased feel and power.

You might find some inspiration here for custom handle saddle setups.

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As pointed out by @Hammer, saddle is a personal thing. We can provide you with experience, but you’ll have to give the saddles a try to be sure they fit you.

So, regarding your different ideas:

  1. The KH Fusion Slim is really slim, not comfy at all. It’s great for disciplines in which you don’t have to rest on your saddle - flat, trial, uni-basketball, … but I wouldn’t recommend it for distance riding. The KH Fusion Street is way comfier IMHO, whereas the KH Fusion Freeride is too thick.
  2. The Mad4One Handlesaddle is probably the best saddle for muni. I have never tried a S size, but it seems really short. I wouldn’t go there unless for flat ou trial. L is probably too long for muni. M is probably the best size there. However, this saddle is not comfy for distance riding. I remember a 80 km ride on a narrow Handlesaddle L… It was hurting after half the distance. BTW, a drawback of that saddle is that you can’t have multiple positions so you can’t rest your butt (and other parts on which you’re seated :wink: ).
  3. I’m not sure how you’ll fit custom bars on an Handlesaddle. And I’m not sure it is worth it. If you want custom bars, go for another saddle.

If you want to go with the Handlesaddle, remember there is a brake lever mount specially designed for it. It is not perfect, but it allows to use almost any brake lever.

You could also have a look at the Qx Eleven saddle, which is very similar to the KH Fusion Street.
Last but not least, I second @Hammer on the KH Fusion One saddle. IMHO, this is one of the best saddles for off-road and on-road riding.

So… Lots of things to try out :grin:


Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ve seen many interesting setups.
@Maxence I mentioned KH Fusion Slim saddle because for me I find more comfortable not the thickest saddle, but rather more slim one, that don’t press too much on the crotch. KH Fusion One looks also pretty nice, I think it might be a nice option, but as far as I know that’s the only unicycle saddle that uses Pivotal mount. Pretty unusual. Fusion Street one- maybe also an option, but looks too curvy, idunno.
@Hammer Thanks for notes about a Handle Saddle.
About the brake- I like mechanics because of low maintenance, good performance and ease of adjusting length of the brake cable. I had a long time ago an Avid Juicy 5 and it was mediocre. On my current setup I use noname caliper with a good cable, and it’s pretty nice. Despite not too straight rotor and poorly welded hub.

I ordered already the best brake- Avid bb7 (well, worse than older bb7, that made out of single piece of aluminum, but that mostly important for trials riding) Also got a modern Shimano Deore lever, was surprised it has a clamp for ease installing without removing grips. My older Deore on a current setup dont have that.

So at this moment I’m thinking about a Fusion One saddle + custom handlebars that will connect to the frame and the saddle. Flansberrium soon will make a prototype of that thing. I made a quick drawing of the concept. It looks like this, though the angles are not too accurate and i forgot to make it adjustable on the length.


I’m currently using a large handlesaddle narrow and I love it. I am no muni pro but I do go over some pretty rough stuff if only for a few minutes here and there. I mostly use it to commute to work 3 miles each way on a mix of city streets and paved path. This is on my 29 with either the Surly extraterrestrial 2.5 or Maxxis Duro 3.25.

The length is much longer than I was expecting. Before installing it seemed too long. But now I am looking at ways to attach handles to the ends and maybe some aero-style-forearm-rest-pads or whatever they’re called :grinning:

Edit: The high cost of the handlesaddle plus shipping to the states had me contemplating the purchase for over a year. Now that I have used the product, I would not hesitate to buy another one. I’m thinking about a large, wide cushion next.