Sad death of my trusty Nimbus :(

Sad death of my trusty Nimbus.

So many happy miles ridden on my trusty Nimbus. It was the early model from around 5/6 years ago with the old-style rim (blue) lacking eyelets.

Not a machime build for hardcore muni; nevertheless, it lasted well with minimal need for repairs; I never thought the day would come when my trusty friend would give up the ghost.

Today was that day- riding into town I heard, softened by the fact that I was wearing my mp3 player, three successive explosions.

Assuming it was some wierd kind of inner tube problem, I looked down, and was surprised to see, where I expected rim to be, the blackness of bulging rubber.

The rim had split down the center, allowing the tube to loom through- the split, on being measured later, was around 10" long by 1" wide.

I never knew that rims could split in this way.

The Nimbus, in a fine display of resiliance, was still ridable; so I set off home. It went for about 5 minutes before there was another loud 'pop, and the wheel locked as both sides of the rim were pushed out to the point where they contacted the sides of the frames.

I must confess, wheeling home my Nimbus, I became somewhat sentimental as I reflected on what we’d been through together; from five years back when I was not in a good place, and riding the Nimbus was one of the things that helped me overcome a deep and long lasting depression- there had been other unicycles, but always I would go back to my reliable old blue-wheeled Nimbus; looking back I couldn’t even think of a time when I’d so much as had to fix a puncture on it (though I went through about 5 seats- that’s what insisting on fitting Reeder handles does for you :slight_smile: )

And, as I wheeled it along, I reflected on the fact that this was the last time my crippled Nimbus would ever roll these streets- the famililiar landmarks, the steep hills that were good for a work-out, the parts of the pavement that were good for rolling up.

I knew that my Nimbus wouldn’t want me to mourn, that it would want me to be out on one-wheel as sson as possible, so, on arriving home, I set to work on getting my spare 24" new-style Nimbus wheel ready (black rim and eyeletted).

When it came to extracting the cranks from my poor twisted blue wheel, the tears started to flow as I continued to reflect on what a true friend my Nimbus had been.

Throughout it all though, as well as the sadness, I also thought of what a superb machine the Nimbus is- not a unicycle for hardcore drops and jumps admittedly, but, for general riding and mild muni, there really is nothing better for the price. My blue Nimbus was the old style, from 5/6 years ago, but, even with its less strong rim, it carried me reliably for thousands of miles of regular riding, and, though the rim has finally died, the axle/cranks etc are as good as new- I’ve not even had to change the bearings.

R.I.P my trusty blue Nimbus.

that story is so sad :’(. I’m sry your uni broke, hopefully whatever repairs you make will work out for you.

Ah, onewheeledave I feel for you. Your post is a celebration of the Nimbus 29.
RIP dave’s nimbus.
From another nimbus 29er fan.

All good things come to an end – look forwards to a new wheel experience.

My trusty blue Nimbus wheel has just been retired from my Muni after many years of service and has been replaced by a nice shiny new KH/Onza wheelset, mmm. The Nimbus has served me well and will probably see more service but not on the Muni.

Actually it was a 24x3- I should have mentioned that in the post.

I do have a 29-er (also Nimbus) and, if I lived somewhere flatter it probably would be my main uni; but, for Sheffield with its extreme hills, I currently favour the 24x3.

I will observe a moment of silence to mourn and honor your loss, Dave. Keep a stiff upper lip during these difficult times. May its replacement be swift, nimble, and colorful.

I too know your pain. I too suffered a similar bereavement three months ago when I taco’d the wheel on my Nimbus. It really did feel sad carrying “Old Bluey” back from the park for the last time. All the great memories came flooding back: from learning to ride in the corridors of my halls of residence at 3am, to my first forays outside where I would career towards posh kids who would insult bluey at great speed, pretending to be totally out of control and scaring the hell out of them, to riding drunk in the middle of the main road by my house. Those were the days…:frowning:
It just isn’t the same now having unicycles that are virtually indestructable with newfangled splined hubs an all. They’re good machines but you just can’t grow to love them, know what I mean?

Doesn’t change anything. Actually I get attached to everything I own.


same here.
I too will observe a moment of silence for Dave’s Nimbus.

I also get attached to things i’ve been through a lot with. I still have the teddy bear i’ve had since the day after i was born.

I have been giving your poor uni more than a few moments of silence, as I tend not to talk to my computer. Unless I’m chatting on AIM, of course. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I am really sorry. I’ve never had a uni actually die on me, I’ve just upgraded before the problem happens.

I think it’d be funny if a non-uniist lurker saw this thread. I’m sure he/she’d be laughing their head off.

Get a new wheel/rim - resurrect the uni! My uni is still my original one, even if it has had a new wheel, a new seat, a new seatpost, new pedals, new cranks, and some modifications to the frame.

my original was a jugglebug. I have brken almost every piece on it. I didn’t break the seatpost that’s all.

Of course that’s the solution, and, the first thing I did when I got back was to pull out the replacement wheel I’d luckily got stored away.

But I guess I see the wheel as being the ‘heart’ of the uni, and this particular wheel was the first ‘serious’ uni I got, and I’ve ridden it for the past six years.

Yeah, that’s it exactly- ‘Old bluey’. My Nimbus wheel was blue as well, and it was just really sad to be wheeling it home on paths that it had ridden for the past six years, knowing that this would be it’s last time on them.

I am sorry for you loss. I am probably going to have my muni die on me before too long. It is almost 6 years old, was my first unicycle, and was given to me for an 8th grade graduation present. It is a semcycle deluxe converted to a muni, and it probably wouldn’t take too many improperly landed drops before something would fail on it. I hope I will get a kh muni before it dies, so I can save it from a violent an catastrophic death.

If you can afford it do, because I killed mine on a drop that I’d done loads of times before with no warning. It’d be great to have your original uni even if you only end up using it once in a while.

Thanks for sharing Dave. That post throws a whole new light on your sig-line.

Will the split-rim make it’s way onto the workshop wall as adornment/memorial?
Will we get to see a pic of this split?

If I owned a digital camera, I would most definitly have posted a pic of the split as soon as I got home and before removing the wheel, tyre and tube (it looked most impressive with the tube bulging through).

Sadly, I do not have a digital camera :frowning:

It’s interesting that you mention the wall memorial- I was actually thinking of stripping out the spokes and hub, and making some kind of wall-piece with the split rim.