Sabin Ardity Orange Pedals on Defect DVD

Do you know what kind of pedals are those that people ( Sabin Ardity ) on Defect DVD have on their unis?

I mean those:

Are just painted pedals??


they’re Jim C Odyssey pedals, but special kind. sometimes they’re for sale on
theres some special colored ones on ebay

theyre so sexy. im gonna get some new yellow pedals soon.

how come he uses a 24 frame, i need to buy defect

because, he’s Sabin Arditty, he can do anything he wants!

where can i buy defect and how much

That was only temporary, it was because i broke my other frame.


I want to get the Yellow OJC pedals, but I want the Kommando grind plat e tot fit it…

u cant fit the kommando grind plate straight onto the jimmy c, as u can with the snafu!!

but a mate of mine Max Pfeifer modified the plate so that it did fit! he made a thread on it!

search the thread and u will be able to see wat he did and how !

its actually pretty easy to do. you just need a hack saw or similar. it only took like 10 minutes.