S.O.B down a 10 stair.

darn i almost made it!

Seat Out Back 10 stair vid.

The Capitol Steps on video singing about the SOBs. :slight_smile:

Very cool. Do you find that it’s the lack of speed control or lack or side ot side balance that makes it difficult? Or something else maybe?


Nice, Jag.

Don’t forget to recover and do 3 revs, then gracefully dismount to the rear of the unicycle. :smiley:

For a second i thought this post was going to be about S.O.B!(not seat out back) 10 stairs but i see you got it in control. Nice, i never really thought about s.o.b.ing dow or on stuff before.

Re: S.O.B down a 10 stair.

But we know you’ve done S.S.S.O.B.O.A.S.

Six Stairs Seat Out Back On A Summit

i can’t ride down stairs “one at a time” like my dad does in RTU–i dont get it.

just hafta just bomb it.

I honestly think stairs are easier to ride down on the UW. the seat is just scary

Pics, man! - apologies to Harper.


damn! i thought you really did mean “son of a bitch.”

i just watched the video clip

wow gnarly

Yeh, I’d love to see photos and videos of stair riding on an UW!



He does. The “seat out back” is just a cover.

Apologies again to Harper.

who’s harper?

A really nice unicyclist who posts regularly. I was imitating his style. He’s developing a two-speed hub.

i feel that its the stairs that generally make it difficult…

:slight_smile: I guess I should’ve seen that one coming.