Ryan Woessner on Rochelle television

This evening, Mary and I were watching some TV when the local station threw in a spot advertising their sports news. As the commercial rolled, one of the flashing clips showed Ryan hopping on his uni. We were astounded!

The clip came from our Midwest Regionals competition in April 2003 when Channel 23 News visited the event. 23 News featured the competition a couple times the next day in their newscasts.

I think what astounded us is the fact that they hadn’t forgotten about unicycling. We must have made a good impression. Sure made us feel pretty good the rest of the evening.


Sometime you never know where your planted seeds will sping up. Again, you do great work in Rochelle!


Hey Bruce!
That is so sweet!
Rochelle is an Awesome city - I am honored.
Are you coming to Regionals this year?

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:

Hey Ryan,

I just took a look at the TCUC web site and saw nothing about the Regionals. Where is it? When is it?


Well, we aren’t really sure of the dates yet. It will be here in the Twin Cities, probably late April - early May. I’ll e-mail you Tommy when I find out more details.

-Ryan :slight_smile:


I talked with Connie yesterday and heard about the same information. Sure, we would love to come. We’ll start trying to make some plans. It will be great to see everyone again.


GOSH! I’ll second that! As I write I’m going through withdrawals as I know that at this very moment the gym is full of jugglers and amazing unicyclists celebrating the uni-ness of MONDO!!!

I wish that I could be there now AND get to the Regionals. I’m still trying to arrange to make the latter happen.