Ryan Atkins

I havent heard anything from him in almost two months. If he quite that would probably be unicycling’s greates trajety.

i doubt that he quit.

ya, I hope he will make a new video soon

mee too. iss thatt greatt or whatt??

He didn’t quite, that’s for sure.
He probably has not a lot off time to make a vid or so.
And even if he quite for a year of so, he still would kick everyones ass…

Peter M

According to Kevin Mcmullin he’s going to Fluck, so he’s not quit. Plus he’s the current world trials champ, and nobody drops out at the top of thier game.


Fluck registered participants. Who’s that, third on the list?

Looks like Kevin and Loose were right.

i see there are no aussies on that FLUCK list…

Too far away. Tom thought of coming, but he’s got other plans ):

Take it easy. Since university ended for the Winter, he moved back to Toronto with his parents for the Summer, well, i’m guessing, since he hasn’t been around. Maybe he’s just busy with other things lately, and hasn’t had time to piss around on this site. He was supposed to ride with us on the weekend, but it rained.

I thought he was working at fortune this summer and therefore staying in Ottawa. Maybe I’m wrong though. AFAIK he is doing craploads of mountain bike races and has been training like mad for them. One thing to remember is that Ryan isn’t just amazing at unicycling, hes also pretty crazy at alot of other things.