Rust on bolts at QU-AX and KH

Hi All,

Did anyone ever encounter rust on the bolts of QU-AX and KH?

I keep my unicycles indoors - never outdoor and have pretty normal moisture conditions in my house.
However, I have witnessed a rust on my son’s QU-AX 16 inch unicycle (clamps bolts) and recently on my KH T-Bar and seat (mounted on a QX 36er).
It never came in direct contact with water or anything like that.

As for the QU-AX, I simply removed the bolts and replaced them with parallel aluminium ones.
This solved the issue of course.
However, in the KH T-Bar and seat bolts I couldn’t understand why I got the rust in the first place as I assumed these were aluminium bolts.

Just for the record, I have also QU-AX 20 inch (Luxus) and QX 26 inch (muni) and there’s no rust on either one of them and they are stored at the same perfect indoor conditions.

Any idea why?
Should I remove the rusted bolts or is there any cleaning process recommended for it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Good day! I do not remember, do you have sea nearby? :roll_eyes:

I do and everything getting rusted no matter where it storing…

Waldgnome allways had rusted nuts on his KH20 despite it was allways kept indoor at the gym and was not used in rain or mud. Even after changing them.
With Qu-Ax I never have had any issues.

The bolts which came with my t-bar have rusted up a bit as well, the frame bolts and original saddle bolts (nimbus frame, kh saddle) seem to be ok. On the other hand the uni is used every day in any weather and has just come through a pretty damp winter.

Im planning on swapping out all the saddle bolts for stainless steel ones…

Hey Sergey! How are you dude?

No, I’m not living near the sea - I’m far approx. 10 km from it.
But I can relate to what you’re saying, I used to have friends living in front of the sea shore of the Mediterranean sea… not so nice when it gets to the rust part :slight_smile:

Ok, so according to your comments this is a known issue…

Pretty weird, because I figured that for the price we pay for our Unicycles the stainless steel bolts shouldn’t change that much its price…
Maybe the manufactures are not aware of it and most of us either ignore this or replace the bolts by independently.

I am fine as usual - working my shift on! (Anyway - I have a job).

So with my QA 20" trial I have bearings and cups bolts (all) rusted (alu frame). Seat bolts are ok for the moment.
But when I installed impact wheel bearings rusted as well.

Our sea touching all parts with salty air…

I’ve had problems with surface rust on the bolts of my KH saddle bases. It never really bothers me though, I can just replace them if they go out.