RTL Video

Because I think we need more rtl threads and because I think this video deserves more attention:

I downloaded and played in windows media player but it locks up about 2 minutes into it.can we fix it, it would be good to watch the entire video:)

Was all ok for me? File is about 500 meg so anything less and the file maybe incomplete.

40min download, ouch

any chance it could go on youtube so we don’t have to download a massive file?

My kids and I watched the whole thing - very nice.

Joe, it’s too long for youtube, as they have a 10 minute time limit.

oh then google video if it’s long.


it would take an hour and a half to upload :wink:

If you want to watch it like at youtube just choose the flv file its something like 130mb big and you can watch it directly. For everybody with highspeed internet I recoment the wmv version because the quality is much better.

There are several free download managers availiable to prevent trouble at big downloads.
We try to bring always high quality wmv files cause there are enough shitty youtube stuff availiable :smiley:
If we upload the stuff to youtube (which is not possible over 10 min) or google video (which is the same at least) we will lost the video rights and give them out of control.

At least you can also watch the complete video as wmv in fullscreen without downoading it, just watch it on utv and wait untill the caching is completet.

Thank you! I hate you tube quality. I’m downloading the video now.


Excellent video! Thanks guys for taking the time to film and edit this. It was fantastic to see what the ride looked like from other peoples point of view. Although you filmed a lot of what was so familiar to us, there was a lot of things that us racers missed. I think everyone at RTL has a story, and it is good to see someone elses.


This is the best RTL video yet for me because it looks like the speeds riders attained are true to life on this video.

Check out how fast Signe flies by at the finish.

Awesome video, I saw it last week in that thread. Great quality.

Missed the previous thread, glad you reposted it.

Awesome video

Thanks for all the nice comments. I think now as Unicon is over some more riders find time to watch it and remember what a great time it was.

Cool, that was a nice way to relive the memories. Nice to see things from the German Speeders perspective. Thanks!