RTL update: eight teams now registered for June.

Nova Scotia’s 800 km, five-day unicycle marathon now has eight teams registered for the June 16-20 race.

Joining California’s Yellow Line Fever, Team Venus, American Mojo and the Goonies, from the UK, are the Korean Dream Team, Toronto’s Team Atlas, and two more teams from the UK: the Lost Wheelers and the Old Peculiars.

To see who’s on the teams, go here
To read their qualifying stories and see the pictures, go here

The RTL Racing Society also congratulates Essen, Germany’s ARNE TILGEN, who qualified on the 18th of last month and is the first qualifier from that country.

Also, best wishes to Nathan Hoover and Andy Cotter, part of the RTL planning team, off to Vietnam on Friday for the big ride.

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William Dockrill, media coordinator