RTL Training

West Coast Cokers did another training ride in Huntington Beach today. 35+ miles with some sprints and GPS hand off practice. Oh, and some 16 ounce weight lifting:


Sounds like fun! (JL will probably post a writeup of our Rustic Canyon adventure today! Six Miles felt like 100!)

PS: I take it that the new cokers didn’t arrive today as sorta expected??

Oh yeah, we rode them today. They are so light and responsive, 35 miles felt like 20!!

Well that’s downright confusing. When I talked to Jamey earlier today-during your coker ride as a matter of fact- he told me that the new cokers had not been delivered yet, and he also confirmed that in an email to me earlier this evening.

What gives? Since I didn’t see a :wink: at the end of your above ^ post, I take it as fact that they indeed did arrive. So as you can see, this is a little bit troubling to say the least.:frowning:

And since I paid for my new coker like two+ weeks ago, I thought for sure you would have called me first thing when they arrived. I can only guess that you were kidding about them arriving today; but again, no winkie so I don’t know what to thknk.

Terry, I think he’s pulling your leg! Unless he knows something I don’t.

Well, it would be nice if he used the appropriate ;););););):wink: becuase he said it so matter-of-fact like with no apparent levity I could detect. But he does know how much I want to get my new coker so he must have just messin’ with me head! :roll_eyes: He got me really good for April fools day by saying that I wouldn’t be getting my new coker for like 4-6 weeks due to a back order issue or something! And I fell for it! :astonished: :o

Plus, now that I think of it, if you guys really DID get and ride your new big ones today you would have at least posted pics of them had lots to say.

Ya, Jim’s quite the character! :slight_smile:

Come on Terry, you know you’ll be the first to hear when they arrive!:wink:

Bahaha, Terry you seem a little anxious. The mail can do that to you.

Haha you got me again…Damn! Good job!:p:o

Hehe, I feel like a kid in a candy store! Me wants me new coker!!! Then I’ll have TWO cokers and a MUni…that make for my favorite measurments: “36-24-36”:smiley: :sunglasses: :p:)

Hahaha, I love it.

Ok, Terry, I promise to stop torturing you about the Cokers. I want them just as badly as you!