RTL: Team Unicycle.com @ the FINISH LINE

(l-r) Jody Arnold, Scott Arnold, Joshua Torrans, Dustin Kelm, Katie Kelm. Photo © John Foss
Dustin and Katie hailed from Minnesota, site of Unicon 21 this year, July 14-26. Joshua Torrans, from Woodstock, Georgia, and Scott and Jody, from Springfield, Oregon.

Scott: “By profession, I am a certified public accountant; however on the weekends and when time allows my favorite activity is riding on one wheel. I enjoy all kinds of riding, but in recent years I spend most of my riding time cruising on my big (36” )wheel on the local bike paths or taking to the trails on my 24" mountain unicycle. I enjoy “the myriad tiny delights” that unicycling provides, the personal challenges, the benefits of vigorous physical activity, and the camaraderie of fellow unicyclists. What a great sport!"

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