RTL: Team Manly Legs member Dave Cox unis across Canada

That’s Dave above with the orange hair. In 2019, rode from Victoria, on Vancouver Island, to Cape Spear. Newfoundland, Canada’s eastern-most point. Nine thousand two hundred and forty five kilometres horizontally, and 61km vertically, it took 105 days–allowing for some zero days, of course.
At Ride the Lobster’s Time Trials, in Day 3 of the Marathon, Dave came 19th in a field of 105. Ahead of him: riders like Chuck Edwall, Corbin Dunn,Tony Melton, Ken looi, and Beau Hoover. Team Manly Legs finished RTL 14th in the 35 team field.
Cox posted daily to his blog unicycledave.com and on FB. Plenty of pictures as well as drone footage. Yeah, Dave took a drone w/ him on the ride.

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