RTL: Team Centurion support essentials. Jacquie Foss

David Stone image: schlumpf.ch

“When I met my husband John I never realized how sexy the world of unicycling was. And as John told me on our first date, unicycling is a chick magnet as I’m sure you will all agree. In my quest to meet as many unicyclists as possible to compare to John, I’ve attended four Unicons and nine USA conventions, and even had unicycles riding around at my wedding. And I have yet to be disappointed! Many say that my ability to support others is one of my greatest strengths. This will be put to the ultimate test as I support three middle-aged men to ease their aching bones (butts?) and to soothe their sagging joints. But I know I am up to the challenge as I have practiced diligently with two aging bulldogs and a hyperactive puppy. These three should be a piece of cake by comparison. I’m currently working on my support kit, which so far includes glucosamine, Ben Gay, laxatives, and Bag Balm.”

Team Centurions, named for the team’s cumulative years of unicycling, was John Foss, CA; David Stone, NY; and Dave White, OH. Average age: 46 years and 3 months. Jacquie was well prepared. The Centurions finished 10th in a field of 35 teams, 4 hours, 9 minutes and 47 seconds out of first place.


Just over a week ago during my first visit to Central Park since getting back on my wheel, I ran into legendary unicyclist David Stone and we zipped around the loop together for a while. During our ride, he told me about his RTL experience with his Centurions teammates John Foss and David White. It was fun to hear about it from David Stone and now read about it from Jacquie’s perspective. Thanks for posting.

What a coincidence! RTL’s registration sheet allowed riders space for a paragraph or two about how they started unicycling, and anything else that came to mind. I was intrigued by David Stone’s qualifying ride, and did some reading about Central Park. And Jacquie Foss’ remarks about supporting The Centurions struck me as wise, and so funny. Thank you for your note!