(l-r)Eric Sheer, Bill Merrylees, Dawn DiCecco (support), Mark Premo. Picture credit: Dawn DiCecco.

Bill Merrylees: “I began riding a unicycle as a teen in the early 1970’s, one of a large group of young riders that sprang up in suburban Philadelphia at that time. I rode quite a lot through high school and college years, enjoying tricks, spins and some distance riding. An accomplishment I was proud of in those days was unicycling down the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, the stone stairway made famous in the old Rocky movies. I rode less after college but did the two-wheeler more. I rode my bike across the US in 1980, and worked for several years as a bicycle tour guide. My interest in unicycling became re-ignited when my kids became old enough to ride. A few families started up a club in Montpelier Vermont five years ago where folks of all ages & abilities would get together to ride, learn from each other and do the occasional parade. I also began to offer unicycling to young people through my work in the local after school program, and have introduced the sport to a couple hundred kids in 9 different schools. I have found unicycling to be a continuous source of challenge & fun over the years, and am excited to be taking part in the premier running of Ride the Lobster.”

American Mojo finished 17th in a field of 35 teams, 6 hours and 29 minutes after the first place team, over 4 days and 800 km of racing.