RTL Qualified - Jordan

Day 1

Total Km: 55km
Night Riding: 55km
Extreme Temperature: 55km (-9 deg C)
Snow/Ice Riding (soft gravel): 11km
Rating: 156

I had wanted to do the ride for awhile but never had the chance, I wanted to get the ride done before the new year and I don’t have a unicycle larger than 26" so I planned on taking advantage of the variables. I only had time during the night so I knew that would help. The original trail I planned on riding in nelson had 2’ of snow so I canceled that ride and planned on riding in Calgary where the terrain was flatter. At 5:00 on Dec 17 I went around the block trying to find a reasonable loop, I clocked a loop at 5km with 1km of snow riding on a singletrack beside the road so I went and checked the weather to see how many loops I would have to do. I decided to do 55km and get a rating of 156 just to be safe so I wouldn’t have to do as many the next day with the next day carryover. I decided to do the ride in 3 rides, 25 km, 1 km and 25 km with a break in between each one. The times for the rides were

  1. 25km – 2:15
  2. 5km – 25 mins
  3. 25km – 2:00

On day one I had an average speed of 12km/h.

Day 2

Total Km: 40km
Night Riding: 40km
Extreme Temperature: 40km (0 deg C)
Strong Winds: 40km (35-45km/h)
Snow/Ice Riding (soft gravel): 8km
Rating: 150
The weather on the second day was 0 degrees but had 35-45km/h winds so I put it in the calculator and found out I needed 40 kms to get the rating of 150. I planned on doing the ride in 3 stages again but at 15km, 15km and 10km. After I started the ride I found out that my ass hurt really bad from the ride the day before so I immediately gave up on the 3 stages plan and took a break after every 5km except one which I did 10km. The times for the rides on day 2 were:

  1. 5km – 25 mins
  2. 5km – 30 mins
  3. 5km – 30 mins
  4. 10km – 1:03
  5. 5km – 28mins
  6. 5km - 28 mins
  7. 5km - 28 mins

On day 2 I had an average speed of 10km/h. I am also an expert at taking my cell phone out of my pocket and taking pictures while riding. For RTL I plan on riding a 36er which will be purchased soon.

Weather Day 1

Weather Day 2

Windy day 2

Who wants a team mate?

Congrats on qualifying! I plan on doing my ride during the Christmas break!! I have it all mapped out already so it is just doing the ride now! I can’t wait for it!

I need teammates. I am from Toronto. Pm me either of you if you are interested.