RTL Photo Compilation - Kickstart The Lobster

Ello Ello

Here is something which started out originally to explain/show to non-unicyclist friends what RTL was; with so many amazing photos I needed a better way to present them so non-unicyclist friends would not be put to sleep :slight_smile:

The video is heavily centered around Team Smile (my team) as I was not originally planning to share it out but if everyone enjoys I’ll make another thats more generic. (give suggestions for music!) :slight_smile:


Photos by: Geoffrey Faraghan, Chuck Edwall, Dave Krack, Andy Cotter, Dawn Dicecco, Holger Summer, Geoffrey Huntley, Irene Genelin, Joe Marshall, Sam Wakeling, Tim Lee, Stephanie Thornton, Joe Lind, Mike Penton, J Wilton.

(Thanks for sharing the photos guys!)


Geoff - that was great!

Great video! Motley Crue was a good choice also.

Mark Premo and Dawn DiCecco:D

That’s AWESOME !

Well Done!


That was awesome!

Sweet video dude. You should definitely collect more pictures and video from different people. The animations were great. Did you have a program that did that automatically? It looks like it would take forever if you had to do it all by keyframes. Good job.

Yeah, it’s done by keyframes but thankfully it’s all automatic :slight_smile:

You will find another video from the RTL 08

you find it here

nice dude that was a cool video

Wow… Great Video!

You really managed to capture the grimaces as well as the smiles, the thrills and spills, the anticipation, chaos, organization, landscape, hospitality, friendship; you got it all!