RTL movie - sneek peek

now that i have your attention…this video was made using the same equipment we will be filming RTL with :):):):):slight_smile:

(you need an mp4 codec, if someone could please post one, i’m not sure what i used, but i can see it and some people i send the link to cannot)

The picture is hawt! Im assuming it’s someone else who filmed this though, yes? (I suppose that’s irrelevant but hey im curious)

someone else filmed it who i don’t know…they simply used the same equipment…boringly

I LOVE the music though!! can anyone identify it?

Velvet Underground-Venus in Furs

they just sold another cd!

heard the band name before, can’t say i ever heard their music)

I better rectify this…it was a nicely put together piece…just not something that would do RTL justice

You must have heard the song ‘‘I’m sticking with you’’ ? That was by Velvet Underground too… (I’m sticking with you, cos i’m made out of glue … anything that you might do; I’m gona do to… )


edit…are you sure it wasn’t ‘you know it’ truuuuuue, everything i dooooooooo, i do it forrrrrr you…’ :slight_smile:

Because i’m so kind (and I’m bored), I just emailed it to you.

that’s my msn address, not a valid email…please use onewheel at rogers dot com please

Done now, hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

[Edit - have you got it?]

that’s great, i’m buying some of their stuff for sure!!

is there a particular ‘greatest hits’ or something i should get?

i cant watch it. my computer is dieing( i just did a system recovery ) and i have like 7 year old software on this thing

I loved the quality on that vid. I can’t wait until you actually film RTL.

According to itunes, it’s called ‘‘The very best of the velvet underground’’.

This is a very good site when it comes to music: Allmusic.com (click on discograhpy).

For a lot of artists you can even listen to short clips.

i think it was the avant-garde musician/producer brian eno who once said that while not many people listened to the velvets, those who did all started bands. that statement is pretty true, too. their influence upon the face of rock music is very broad. there are bands coming out today showing their influence, and there will be bands coming out tomorrow doing the same.

their name is very fitting. they have songs and records that sound rather velvety and poppy, and then there are those that are very underground.

they were one of the roots of the punk movement, a whole decade before it truly kicked off. one of their prominent traits that gave way to the late punk movement is the frank discussion of lurid subject matter in most of their lyrics. the song ‘venus in furs’ for example, is very clearly about S&M. controversial for it’s time, when it was released in '66.

the most familiar song is probably ‘sweet jane.’ that’s been covered a lot. and lou reed, the founder of the band released a david bowie produced track after the velvet’s demise, from his solo album ‘transformer,’ called ‘walk on the wild side.’ that song’s been played on the radio a lot, and has been featured in many movies. if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘high fidelity’ you’ve heard their songs.

i’ll quit typing now. this isn’t a thread about one of my favorite bands:o all of their stuff may not be immediately accessible to the average listener. but i do feel that they have something for everyone. a best of might be a good place to start. or just start with their first release, “The Velvet Underground and Nico” with the famous warhol banana on the cover.


awesome video quality. Professional quality documentation will definitely add to the good press RTL is sure to generate.

Best Velvet Underground album in my opinion is “White Light/White Heat”.

“Lady Godiva’s Operation” is the BEST SONG EVER!!