RTL: Kevin Chang, Team Texacali, how I started unicycling

Kris Holm and RTL Special Events Manager, Heather LeBlanc. Photo: schlumpf.ch

“I’ve been riding for 3 years now, and I never thought I would find anything to replace my bicycling habit. After spending most of my twenties riding bicycles, I decided that unicycling seemed crazy enough to be worth trying. Initially, I was inspired by video footage of Kris Holm riding intense North Shore trails on his mountain unicycle. Now, the constant challenge and variety of skills to master are what keep me riding. Besides distance riding, I also enjoy other unicycling disciplines like (off-road) mountain unicycling, unicycle basketball, and trials.”
Perhaps Chang was able to share with Holm the influence Kris’ riding had on him.
In 2007, Canada’s National Post created this ~2 minute video of Holm riding and talking about muni. In Canada he was described as the Wayne Gretzky of unicycling. The Tony Hawk of unicycling would be far more accurate.