RTL: how I started unicycling, a rider remembers

“In 1966 I was attending the 5th grade at Saint Helen in Newbury, Ohio, a junior high school of about a hundred students. A few kids learned to ride a unicycle owned by the school. The school purchased more unicycles, the fad grew, I learned to ride at the age 10. Our unicycle drill team consisting of half the students in the school, appearing in across the Eastern United States, in Chicago’s Saint Patrick’s Day and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC parade, and at college bowl games. I continued to ride with the group in high school. I rode to all my classes while attending Ohio University. At that time the unicycle team had a 23 foot unicycle built that I occasionally rode in performances. Now I mostly ride on the roads and trails around home.”

Dave, along with other Centurions David Stone and John Foss finished 10th overall, in the 35 team Ride the Lobster 5-day, 800 km marathon.