RTL from a Goonies perspective

I finally got around to writing a quick write up about my experience at RTL for anyone interested. I have had some time to write it up since I haven’t been able to unicycle (giving my knee a rest to let it heal). It is kind of long, but I tried to compress the info as much as I could to keep it “short”. There is so much more I could add as far as people I met or experiences I had, but I had to leave out a lot.


Check it out!

great writeup! I had a blast riding with you on the last couple days.

Yeah, we saw a lot of you guys on the last two days. It was fun pacing each other and seeing the taped word on your van change every hour!

Thanks for a great write-up that will serve, along with Steve’s write-up, as a good way to summon RTL memories.

Congratulations on managing to finish as #1!

Great write up, and way to overcome the knee issues.

Yeah, I forgot to add that. We finished the #1 team! :sunglasses:

Nice writeup!

Just a correction though…I came fourth in the Time Trial.
First-Chuck on a Sclumpf 36"
Second-Corbin on a Sclumpf 36"
Third-Arne on a Sclumpf 36"
Fourth- me on a fixed 36"/114mm cranks

I gotta get one of them Goonies :stuck_out_tongue: Especially for flat time trials like that one.