RTL: Dave Krack and the Surly Speed Goats

After 31 laps around the sun I’d accumulated a collection of scars from crashing nearly everything I could find with a set of pedals and two wheels. My health coverage was good, so I decided that I needed to answer “Absolutely.” to the question: “Can you ride a unicycle?”
That was 4 about years ago. It took me a couple of years to finally realize: “Hey, riding a unicycle in the middle of winter keeps me a whole lot warmer than riding a bike!” I considered it an epiphany; my wife considered it a reason for me to seek psychological help. After I purchased my 24inch wheeled unicycle a couple of years ago I headed for the woods and attempted to ride the local cross-country mountain bike trails- in the middle of winter. This proved to be VERY challenging to say the least- so much so that I began analyzing other options for my fledgling skills. Flat, smooth surfaces sure looked a lot less frustrating. Around this time I discovered a 20 mile unicycle ride, the Annual Long Beach Island Unithon. I decided that 20 miles on a unicycle sounds like a really good bad idea. I rode my first Unithon on a 24inch wheel in slightly more than 4 hours of saddle time. I didn’t actually attend the event, but paid my entry fee and rode the local rail-trail.
That painful experience convinced me not to do 20 miles on a unicycle ever again, or at least for another year. By the time my second Unithon (the 9th Annual) rolled around I had a 29inch wheel and had spent most of the winter riding around on snowy sidewalks and most of the spring actually dodging trees in the woods and updating my scar collection. I still can’t juggle, but I can stay upright on some of the local trails.
Now I’ve found my destiny- Ride the Lobster. What an idea- 800 km of teamwork over one week in Nova Scotia. I qualified on my 29inch wheel and decided it was time to go as big as I can. Moby, my 36inch wheeled unicycle, joined the stable of pedal powered vehicles and I’ve started really “training” for the event (well, as much as I can in the ice and snow of western PA). Since none of my friends warmed up to racing one wheel for hours at a time, I found (actually- they found me) a team of strangers who met over the internet. Dan Hansen, Morgan Griffth, and I (with Mike Sabourin as support) hope to finish the week as legends in our own minds.

The Surly Speed Goats finished 9th in the 800 km marathon, three hours and 29 minutes behind the first place finishers, with legend Dan Hansen 9th over-all in the time trials.


„whenever things start to go wrong, you just step off“ Dave Krack

Gotta love that quote! The difficulty however is to realize exactly WHEN things start to go wrong. :rofl: