RTL: Canadian and Danish TEAM HANS ISLANDERS

[Signe Gjerding Jensen] and [Thomas Olsen] [of Denmark] joined [Todd Sankey] from Vancouver [Canada]
Team Hans Islanders. For five days Canada and Denmark put aside their differences on the tiny Arctic Island and joined together, to competing as a team."
In the high Arctic lies a small barren rocky outcrop called Hans Island. It lies between Canada’s Ellesmere Island and Denmark’s Greenland. The governments of both Canada and Denmark claim sovereignty over Hans Island.
UPDATE: the countries divided the island in half, officially, in June 2022.


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It is funny that the title says “Canadian and Norwegian”, while the text correctly mentions Signe and Thomas as Danes. I knew Signe and Thomas at that time (I am from Denmark too).
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Hello, and Mange tak. I appreciate your note and have made the correction!

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