RTL: another rider told us they "How I learned to uni."

Morgan Griffith, IN, USA. "I started riding unicycles in 1972 after finding one hanging in a friend’s garage. He showed me how to ride it. After a couple of weeks of trying, I was off and riding. In high school I rode a lot with another friend on our 20” nearly indestructible Schwinn unicycles. Around the neighborhood, over obstacles in vacant lots, and once, a seven mile round trip. On a 20” wheel, it felt long but it was lots of fun! I bought a new unicycle with the larger 36” wheel for touring. The speed was amazing compared to the smaller wheel and even more fun!
Morgan raced w/ other Surly Speed Goats Dan Hansen, MN, USA, and Dave Krack, PA, USA. The Goats finished 9th in the 35 team field at Ride the Lobster.

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