RTL: a rider tells his "How I started" story

SAM WAKELING ROUTE longest uni ride 6 days
“When a friend of a friend said that they ‘went for rides’ on their unicycles I thought it was crazy. They also said people did it off-road, which was more so. But it got me interested and I learned to ride in a summer holiday. I worked my way up with bigger wheels until just before starting on a 1000 mile three week tour of the UK from Land’s End to John o’Groats I finally got my first 36 inch wheel.
Ever since it has been my favourite unicycle and often my main transport. I’m a university student at Aberystwyth in Mid Wales and love going out for long hilly rides in the countryside.”

This is Sam Wakeling’s story. His 2007 Guinness World Record for longest unicycle ride in 24 hours — 281.5 miles / 453.6 kilometres — still stands.